Why did Obama and Hillary Clinton abandon the Ambassador?

Representative Elijah Cummings, the Democratic Socialists/Muslim ranking leader, is ragging about the Republicans and is not focusing on the Benghazi investigation.  Another direct slap in the face for those killed in Benghazi and another direct focus on omission of the truth.

So what is the real truth on what happened that night and why help was not given to these people.  Why was it blamed by Susan Rice, who was filling in for Clinton on five live talk shows on a video which resulted in the maker of the video being arrested and jailed as just another added step to take the focus off of the dereliction of duty by Obama, Clinton (State Department), and the Pentagon.

They all failed when they took the oath to protect the Constitution and the American people because this Democratic Party is not following the Constitution and  is instead following the ideology of Islam because they are tied to the hip of the Muslims.  The answer to the whole problem is this – Obama and Hillary wanted a regime change and that was the crux of the whole matter.


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