Meagan Kelly’s show on Fox tonight spotlighted the presidential polls.  The part that I thought was strange – when she said that a large percentage of women according to the polls would not vote for Trump.  Why wouldn’t they?  If the other choice is Hillary would they be voting for Hillary who plans to continue to follow Obama’s policies and which would continue to reduce our country to a way of life that is communistic and Muslimistic. – is that really true that women would not vote for Trump?    It has been proven that Hillary Clinton is a progressive which is the same as a Communist.  Have you heard her mention anything about the Middle East and the immigrants flooding the world – especially America.

It is hopeful that women in this country if they are planning to vote for Hillary have to understand that Hillary is tied to the hip of Muslims.  Just take a look at her staff during her time as Secretary of State.  Do women want to continue with this Muslim beat?  We have to get this car turned around and drive this country toward a life that supports our Constitution, where we obey laws,  where we support an American way of life – not a life full of  Sharia law – death and destruction as we have seen.

We have been listening to this doom and gloom by Fox  about Trump and  his poll number since June and they can’t seem to dump enough negativity.  All the news media plus Fox have been manipulating these polls just like they have done in the last two elections – remember Dick Morris and Karl Rove and their poll number predictions?  Fox just doesn’t get it – the American people do not pay any attention to the polls because they  know these numbers are FAKE numbers  and are only trying to manipulate the people.

Fox, the news media, and the Republican Elite are putting out the word that Trump will not be the nominee.   And that tells the American people these people are working with the Socialist/Muslim Democrats, the media, and the Republican Elites for Hillary to win.  We know the Republican Elites are working with the Democrats so they can continue this wealth distribution and One World Order and that is why they want Hillary to win.

We cannot allow these lawyer politicians to win.  We have to elect a business man.  The Elite Republicans better be very careful about what they are talking about doing which is to try to take Trump down – and that is dumping negative ads about Trump on the air waves instead of supporting him.  Nothing could be any worse than what these same politicians have done to our country and what they have put on the backs of the American people – they have had enough.

They forget  – they might think they run the Republican Party but the people are the ones who vote.  You can show all of these made-up negative ads about Trump but nothing will equal these same lawyer politicians who have been filling their own pockets and ruining our country by not doing their job and are not following the Constitution which is treason.


All of you Elite Republicans better think long and hard since you are already in bed with the Socialists/Muslim Democrats because the American people have had their feathers ruffled.   Whatever you do to try to make Trump look bad will only backfire because we are not on your side to begin with.  We know whose side you are on and it is not the American people.

This will prove one thing about the Elite Republicans – they are either for or against the American people – they cannot have it both ways.


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