If that woman in the middle is elected  – you might as well get ready for a Muslim Party because this woman – besides being a liar and dishonest, she is a socialist to the core – she is tied to the hip with Huma Abedin and with Huma you get her husband, Anthony Weiner from the iphone scandal where he wanted you to know how tall he was, and she is a practicing Muslim Brotherhood and they are everywhere in Obama’s administration.  They run the Pentagon, the State Department, and the Czars are like toilet paper in every bathroom in the White House.

If that man on the left side of that woman is elected he is not any better because he again is a socialist to the core.  He loves the Sandinista Rebels, honeymooned in the Soviet Union and proposed at the Sandinista campgrounds.  The rest of the party, above, are losers.    So we are in a pile of deep you know what.

This Democratic Party and the Elite Republicans tell you to work hard and save so they can take it away from you.  It has been happening for years.  How many years have they told us that and boom – the savings debacle, the home debacle, the Wall Street debacle, the social security debacle, and on and on, disappear?  They always know how to spend your hard-earned money.   Now they are at it again with a Democratic Party that is so corrupt that it puts all of the rest in the shade.  So just another reminder that we must, repeat, we must, put a business man in the White House and not a lawyer or a politician.

Let’s face it, the American middle class is practically kaput.  The average American family has only about $50,000 in savings.  And that number is skewed to the upside by the increasingly atypical top 10%.    To live a decent life in America, today, you have to be in the top 10% of the income distribution.

But whether you are a retiree hoping to supplement your income, a wild optimist hoping to retire, or a younger, productive person facing the prospect that much higher taxation and runaway inflation will deprive you of anything you are able to earn – all part of Obama’s plan to bring us down to a third world country.

It is time to transcend denial and take a cold, hard look at the situation you face.  If you do, you will see that there is practically no chance for you to enjoy prosperity in the future by going along with the Democratically lead idiots.  Obama and his minions are trying to squeeze the population to the last drop.

A decline in living standards lies ahead in the United States, all part of Obama plan, which overspent the available resources, relying upon predatory taxation and concerted inflation to preserve the state at the expense of the people.   All of this conforming with group thinking and to go along with the gag whereby the bankrupt government is dragging its citizens into bankruptcy.

In the Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continued to make reference to the MIDDLE CLASS and the fact they are disappearing.  Strange they would even mention that phenomena since the viewers were looking at the very people who are causing this malady.

If you want to continue walking in the footsteps of the people who are causing all of this decay in our country, you are looking at them.  The magicians on that stage continued to drag the viewers along with this wild notion that “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FREE” if you will just elect them.  Do they think the American people are stupid – we know who pays the bills in the government – the taxpayers and the wagon is full of the free loaders who think money grows on trees?



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