My question is – why would anyone vandalize a statue.  The statue was bought and paid for by their parents (city taxes).   Now the parents instead of spending the money on the vandalizer for clothes and food will have to pay more taxes to fix up the vandalization which was performed by the vandilizer.  So the vandalizers are only vandalizing themselves. Do parents ever asked their child – What have you vandalized or destroy today?  Is that a good question to ask?

Do people who tear up this stuff do not realize they are only tearing up their own stuff? Tearing up their own city!

Axed: Vandals Trash Christopher Columbus Statue

Oct 13, 2015

by: AAN Staff

Another sad story from Detroit:
In what could be dubbed an act of criminal irony, a statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Detroit was vandalized just in time for this year’s Columbus Day.

The statue, located at Jefferson and Randolph right next to city hall, was splashed with fake blood, and a hatchet was taped to his forehead as if it had just been struck.

The hatchet was later removed by a group of urban explorers, who can be seen examining the statue in a video posted to Facebook.

The statue was dedicated in 1910 to honor Italian Americans. Christopher Columbus first sailed to America from Spain, but was born in Genoa, Italy. This isn’t the first time a Columbus statue has been desecrated by vandals. It’s been happening quite frequently of late. As the National Review notes:
In June, a statue of Columbus in Boston’s North End was vandalized with red paint and the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” In September, the Graduate Student Senate at the University of Oklahoma, my alma mater, passed a resolution (unanimously) renaming Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day.” San Francisco, Seattle, and Minneapolis, among other American cities, have extirpated their Columbus Day parades. Even Columbus, Ohio, has ditched its official celebration.

Columbus is not without his warts, as many have noted, but his inadvertent discovery of the New World is one of the most significant events in human history. History is full of imperfect men. You can look at the sins that followed Columbus Day- which are neither unique to Western Civilization or that time period- or you accept that Columbus set off a chain of events that lead to unprecedented liberty and prosperity that we as Americans enjoy today. Either way, this is a matter that should be settled by debate, not infantile vandalism.

It can’t be settled by debate because the type of people who commit this type of vandalism are infantiles.  Besides they don’t even know what the word debate means so how can they debate.


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