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Always remember – sunshine is the disinfectant in life!  And destroys the bacteria which is the Democratic Party and their leader.

The following song is a song my mother sang while growing up and certainly is true even today.   We have allowed so much darkness with the Democratic Party to enter our lives, we have to get a grip on our lives and see – there is sunshine out there.  Our leader constantly pours out nothing but gloom, doom, and fear over the air waves.  We have to tune out that fear and follow the words of the song.   Also the words shared by this attached reblog rings so true for us today:





Devine Cultures in Cahoots


If you don’t stand for something, they say, you’ll fall for anything.

But how do you stand when you’re pushed around by crowds and blown about by prevailing, or errant winds?

It’s so much easier to choose a labeled box and live in it or pick a rut, stay in it and travel wherever it takes you, unconsciously. This may include everything from the kind of food in your daily diet, whether healthy or not, and the addictions that blind you, to your occupation and your voting choices—your brands. I am a (fill in the blank) and therefore I believe and do (fill in the blank).

Unfortunately, so much of today’s society runs on the unconscious choices of masses managed by people lacking vision. This creates problems. Every day we hear about more insanity and things that make no sense. What’s the solution?

Your world and the world at large…

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