Folks, Jay needs some help for this soldier who is being railroaded.  Petition is listed at the bottom of this page.


From: “Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel”

Subject: Moral imperative

Sent date: 10/14/2015 08:14:49 AM

An accused deserter could walk and a war hero be kicked out . . .ACLJ

It’s a moral travesty.

Under President Obama’s watch as Commander-in-Chief, the military is poised to let Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl – who is accused of desertion – walk free.

The Administration heralded him a hero as it released five Taliban terrorists.

At the same time, the military is poised to expel Sergeant Charles Martland – a true hero and Bronze Star recipient – for defending a child. In fact, there are reports that the military allows Afghan forces to sexually abuse children on U.S. bases.

Sergeant Martland should be commended for defending a child, not kicked out.

We’re sending a critical legal letter to the Secretary of Defense demanding Sergeant Martland’s reinstatement and the end to any policy that allows child sexual abuse on our bases. It is a moral imperative.

We need the Army to hear from at least 20,000 more of you today.

Sign Our Petition: Defend a Hero; Stop Child Sexual Abuse.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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Connect to Jay Sekulow on:
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The ACLJ is an organization dedicated to the defense of constitutional liberties secured by law.


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