The first fact we have to establish is that liberalism is an anti-Christian ideology!

The politicians and pundits keep harping on the fact that the middle class has disappeared. Well, whose fault is this – the government. Who has been raising the corporate taxes up and up until they have run all of the large corporations out of the country – which has been the plan since the Bush I era.  And the Unions have also been a part of this because of their constant insistence on raising benefits and wages.

Therefore, the pensions are in trouble because of the number of people who are working compared to the number of retired people who are drawing pensions that are beyond the means of the incoming pension payments.  Now  the law has been passed to give the authority to lower people’s pension.

The appearance of higher incomes is largely an illusion (only if we can elect Trump so that he can eradicate agencies and at the same time reduce the number of employees in the government, reduce taxes so that companies with high wages return to the country and bring their money with them, and “drill baby drill.”.

Contrary to the institutionalizd pretense of the government, and their lackeys among the Keynesian economists, decades of remorseless government spending out of an empty pocket have impoverished Americans and left most people facing a future they cannot afford.

A major explanation for Obama’s re-election in the face of plunging real income is the simple fact that the USA has been so thoroughly impoverished that the only prospect for most of the former middle class facing the future is more income distribution.

With real wages plunging, it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that most Americans have very little prospect of enjoying a better life if they must pay for it from their own resources.

Consider this fact, 54% of USA retirees have less than $25,000 in savings.  This amounts to less than their projected out-of-pocket costs for Medicare alone.  Therefore, it has been reported that Social Security is the only source of income for one-quarter of current retirees and the primary source for nearly three-quarters.  That dependence will only grow for baby boomers.

Do you wonder why politicians shy away from reducing the unfunded burden of entitlements?  Don’t.

The inflation lobby has managed to create a situation where the vast majority of Americans have no hope of retirement.  And this did not begin with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the bursting of the housing bubble.

It is the Democrat’s plan to make the people of America beholding to the government so they can control the people – it is called socialism or nazi-ism.

They have the American people between the yin and the yang and that was their intention the whole time.



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