“There is a term, ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.’  “This term I consider to be a euphemism for ‘POLITICAL COWARDICE.’  Therefore, let me not be COWARDLY.”

They remove the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma in the middle of the night; but, yet they let teachers teach ISLAM and don’t fire them.  What is wrong with this picture?



This is a good reason on what is going on in our schools over the years.  We can’t have Christianity taught in schools or have the Ten Commandments on public property; but we let these nincompoops teach Islam in our public schools as shown below.  We have these LIBERAL professors who are constantly preaching Islam, socialism, and political correctness in our schools and colleges.

Now they have a room or space on colleges and school campuses that you have to go to express any thing that is not politically correct. Do all of you realize that is taking away your FREE SPEECH?  What right does the schools or college have to take anyone’s free speech right away when these schools are funded by the taxpayer?  We have to stand up to these liberal socialists – NOW!  All of us need to start checking into what is going on on our college campuses and schools.  It is going on right now!

When this happens, we need to make loud noises and not ignore this in any circumstance.

This teacher needs to be removed from the classroom and fired.  The American people need to hear from some Congressmen or Senator on why this is continuing to happen.  Who is behind this?  Why are they preaching Islam in our taxpayer school system.  I want an answer!  This has happened in a number of schools throughout the  country.  The people need to be called out and their picture posted on the internet.

Teacher Gives PATHETIC Assignment on Islam, then a Mother DOES THIS!  Why wasn’t more noise made about this?  Did you hear anything about this on the main street media (TV)?  No because they are all Socialists!

By TPIWriter

Too often, our children are prohibited from learning the Christian principles America is founded upon. This is thanks to liberal teachers and political correctness.

But schools seem to have no problem teaching Islam–and one student’s mother in Bakersfield, California,  is furious about it!

Her son is in the 7th grade, and was given a hand out entitled “Islamic Beliefs and Practices” where students were taught to memorize the 5 Pillars of Islam and view a YouTube video.

The mother made it clear that her son will NOT be participating. She first shared details of the assignment on KGET-TV 17 Facebook’s page, but we don’t believe they have done a story on the controversial lesson:

Tara Cali was incensed by the lesson and made it clear her son would not be completing it.

“Seriously?” she wrote, drawing a line to the QR code.

“My son will not be a part of this in any sort of way. This is bad teaching material. He will NOT partake. If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer,” Cali wrote. She then listed several Bible verses.

This is typical in today’s public schools. The values that have made America great are prohibited from being taught, while a religion that is incompatible with civilized society is required reading. Pathetic!

And the lesson certainly did not mention the violence that has been committed around the world in the name of Islam.






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