By Albert R. Hunt – with replies from kommonsentsjane

The state of the Republican Party is summed up by a quote from the late cartoonist Walt Kelly: “We have met the enemy and he is us.

(Yes it is the RHINOS who have joined the Democratic Socialist and Muslim party.)

At both the presidential-campaign and congressional levels, the problems are self-induced. The party fostered unrealistic expectations, and the failure to meet them emboldened a nihilistic streak in a core of House Republicans and with the likes of Donald Trump. There is little agenda, lots of lashing out.

(I have to disagree, the American People want these representatives to stand up to the Muslim President who is taking us down.  As far as Hunt is concerned, he wants to continue down the road of Socialism;  and,  as far as Trump is concerned,  he is America’s only hope for a revolution.  The agenda Hunt is talking about is he is on the same track as Obama – saving his own money – and trying to make the people beholden to the government so they can be controlled.)

Quicktake Speaker of the House

This is what led some Republicans in the House, encouraged by presidential candidates, to threaten to shut down the government if funding for Planned Parenthood wasn’t ended. A USA Today survey showed that almost two-thirds of Americans favor federal support for the organization, which provides health care services for women.

(Hunt is approving genocide and 1.3 million babies have been aborted and the American people are fed up.)  A small percentage of Planned Parenthood’s budget goes to abortions, (Hunt is lieing – that is  not true.) and that fraction isn’t covered by the federal funds.  (Hunt is lieing again) a list of a dozen organizations and political figures in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Planned Parenthood was viewed the most favorably. (Yes, they were favorable because they are voting for genocide.)

A shutdown was avoided last week, but there already are threats to try again in December.

Much of the bluster of this minority can be traced to the Republicans’ successes in the 2010 and 2014 non-presidential elections. These victories largely were based on running against the then-unpopular President Barack Obama and overpromising.

At the federal level, the battle cry was: Elect Republicans and we’ll defund the Affordable Care Act, slash federal spending, reform the wretched tax system and lower taxes, and restrain Obama. The party won both houses of Congress but hasn’t been able to deliver on politically unrealistic commitments.

(Why is that true – because the Elite Republicans are now Democrats (RHINOS) and Boehner and McConnell vote with Obama and are voting against the wishes of the American People – just like you Mr. Hunt.)

That has alienated the rank and file. A recent Bloomberg Politics poll showed that Republicans, more than two-to-one, have an unfavorable view of House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. One-third has negative views about their own party.

(And the above explains why.)

Reflecting these views, hard-core right-wing members in the House, many elected in those last two off-year elections, forced Boehner to resign.

(It was time since he is a RHINO.  You RHINOS always think Boehner was doing a good job as long as he was voting with Obama.)

The favorite to replace him is Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, though Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah said Sunday that he would seek the post, too. McCarthy offers a more cheerful face than Boehner and is an exceptionally able political operative. But whoever takes job will face the same daunting demands — no compromises with the Democrats or the White House. The main agenda of congressional Republicans is to oppose anything Obama is for, with the exception of international trade deals.

(We do not want either one because they are RHINOS and low-energy people.)

The best hope is that Boehner, who now can afford to ignore the hard right, will use the next four weeks to forge a deal on extending the debt ceiling and a multiyear budget plan, leaving less lethal matters for his successor to handle. Boehner is a skillful legislator, but this may be a reach.

(Yes, he is going to go along with Obama to raise the debt so that we will be further in the hole than we are now.)

At the presidential level, the same forces are on display with the three front-runners, Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, who, combined, have less governing or political experience than any president of the past century.

(And you say that Obama – a community organization – had experience?)

Waiting in the wings is Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who arouses grass-roots conservatives with attacks against Republican congressional leaders.

(This country needs a business man in the White House not a politician who is a lawyer.)

Some Republicans acknowledge these problems, but insist the party is in good shape. They point out that, in addition to both Houses of Congress, they hold 31 of the 50 governorships and that in most of these states, they also control the legislature. But not much of this success had to do with any Republican initiatives; it was more linked to the party’s ability to ride the anti-Obama wave.

(You are kind of mixed up – when people don’t agree with the status then they speak up.)

“We look great on paper, but most of our gains have been because we weren’t the Democrats,” says former Representative Tom Davis of Virginia, who was the Republicans’ leading political strategist in Congress.

(He must not have been too much of a strategist if he couldn’t see what the writing on the wall was stating.)

Moreover, as the Democrats learned a generation ago, after years of controlling everything but the presidency, agenda-setting and power flows from the White House.

(And we must change this because it gives too much power to the leader who is not competent.)

(This needs to be changed because we have one person, Obama, who has taken his power and has ruined the country because of his ideology.  He has instituted financial repression. Financial repression happens when a bankrupt government wants to funnel profits from the free markets to his own coffers.  During financial repression there are caps on interest rates, regulation of cross-border capital movement, and direct lending to the government from pension funds or domestic banks.)

(In other words, the U.S. government under Obama has instituted the whole repertoire of policies traditionally associated with financial repression in bankrupt third world countries. This is no accident.  It is essential to Obama’s plan to make you and other investors pay the staggering cost of his income redistribution programs.)

(Higher taxes to soak investors are a big part of the Obama Plan.  One good example is the dividend rate which has been raised from 15% to 44.6% since he has come into office.)

(We must stop electing lawyers to the Congress and Senate.  That is our problem because they know how to lie, cheat, and steal and that is exactly what is happening and why the government is so corrupt.  These people go to school to learn these tactics.)



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