Agenda 21 in under 5 minutes…

We have to continue to stand up to Obama. The sooner he leaves the better off we will be because Boehner and McConnell are walking in lock-step with him. We have to elect someone who is not tied to the hip with  THE UNITED NATION,  lobbyists, Chamber of Commerce, and this Democratic Muslin Socialist Party and start cleaning house starting with the EPA, IRS, Justice Dept, Federal Reserve (have to have an audit), and the Educational Agency.


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Source: Agenda 21 in under 5 minutes…

There are several videos tied to this link on Agenda 21, which is being implemented in the U.S. today by the United Nations; of which Obama supports, it is not supportive of We the People of the United States.   Agenda 21 moves citizens to slavery, or controlled human beings.  This is not as the left would call it a conspiracy theory, it is truth.

Gun control, ignoring the illegal immigration issue or open borders are part of the agenda.   Their intention is there is no borders.   What Obama isn’t saying now is, they intend to take away guns, all guns and especially from those who have them legally and are law abiding…..They must get the guns from the hands of We the People to fully control us, to totally plant Agenda 21 in America.   The U.S. is…

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