These Elite Republicans just don’t realize the American people are rejecting all politicians.  They are trying to force the people to take the crumbs; but, this time we will see if the people will stand up and hire a businessman to take care of their money instead of a lawyer politician who uses their money as their piggy bank or give it away as charity.

Following is a list of the number of lobbyists in the USA who pay off these politicians.  Now you can see why these government employees are so rich and why Congress, Senate, and the administration cannot get anything done for the people.  They are double dipping – they are paid by the people and then receive pay again for voting against the people.  Wyoming is the only state that does not have a lobbyist.

Lobbyists in the USA

This list permits you to identify those individuals who are required to register with the US Congress and other governmental agencies as working for a third party.
These third parties can range from the governments of a friendly or unfriendly foreign power to the local electric company.

As you can imagine, companies like General Electric, IBM, Google and other Fortune 500 sized companies have many lobbyists. These individuals cover not only the obvious issues of the company but things like healthcare, retirement laws and regulations from Federal and State agencies that can have a big impact upon their business.  (Now you know why we can’t get anything done.)

State Counts
AK 3
AL 16
AR 21
AZ 31
CA 146
CO 39
CT 16
DC 3,645
DE 10
FL 736
GA 812
HI 3
IA 12
ID 5
IL 136
IN 204
KS 10
KY 209
LA 12
MA 60
MD 216
ME 2
MI 1,165
MN 637
MO 40
MS 10

MT 4
NC 50
ND 4
NE 93
NH 3
NJ 63
NM 321
NV 317
NY 161
OH 358
OK 197
OR 14
PA 53
RI 161
SC 18
SD 4
TN 263
TX 582
UT 6
VA 1,175
VT 1
WA 33
WI 363
WV 1
WY 0

The Elite Republicans are using the Wall Street Journal/NBC Polls as the latest shill.  Now the Wall Street Journal is trying out another new poll.  The Elite Republicans’ Likeability poll was used last week instead of an electability poll because it fries them to keep repeating Trumps winning numbers.  That didn’t work so now they are trying a poll called “room to grow” poll to see if it will stick and pull him down so they can reduce his numbers.  It is absolutely throwing these Elite Republicans into a tissy because:


Wall Street Journal/NBC Polls

Trump leads on “first choice,” rival GOP candidates.

Voters’s Mood:  Surly Side Up, With a Side of Optimism, Poll Shows.

Donald Trump Has Little ‘Room to Grow,’ Poll Shows. (Elite Republicans New Poll to bring numbers down to make the Elites feel better.)

Oct 2, 2015

Dick O’Connor

Although Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in Keene, N.H., on Sept. 30, is the GOP front-runner, there is a consistent wall of Republican primary voters who won’t consider voting for him. —Associated Press  (Those are the Elite Republicans who want the Democrats to win so they can continue to hurt the country and keep giving away the country’s wealth as they have done in the last two elections.  Example:  McConnell and Boehner voting with Obama.)

If there’s a dark cloud hovering over Donald Trump‘s presidential bid, it’s this: He has less room to expand his support than any other Republican in the race.  (Who are you to make that decision?  The dark cloud is the Wall Street Journal.)

The celebrity real-estate developer led the most recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, as the preferred pick of 21% of GOP primary voters. But only 47% of Republican primary voters on the whole said they would be open to supporting him, a spread of just 26 percentage points.  (These are the Elite Republicans because they know if he is elected the lobbyists will be gone, gone.)

Compare that with the next three Republicans in line – former pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Hewlett-Packard Co. chief executive Carly Fiorina and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Republican primary voters are far more receptive to each of them than they are to Mr. Trump, presenting all three with a sizable audience from which to pick up votes.

So-called “room to grow” is an important element in American politics, especially early in a race when voters are still forming their opinions about individual candidates. Ideally, candidates enter the race with a respectable bloc of support and an even bigger audience of voters who are to supporting them.  (If the people want to continue in the quagmire, yes, they will vote for a politician lawyer.)

In the current Republican nominating contest, no candidate has built more early support than Mr. Trump. And while the resistance to his bid has waned slightly since he entered the race, there is still a pretty consistent wall of Republican primary voters who won’t consider voting for him.  (That will be their loss if our country continues in the present direction – our hurt will be their hurt.)

In contrast, Mr. Carson is essentially tied with Mr. Trump as the top pick of 20% of Republican primary voters, and some 69% say they are open to voting for him, a spread of 49 percentage points that suggests a big audience of voters who would still warm to his candidacy.  (He is only tied because you have fudged on the numbers.)

Mr. Rubio and Mrs. Fiorina are similarly well-positioned, as the preferred pick of 11% of Republican primary voters, with 63% and 61%, respectively, open to supporting their campaigns. Even former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has room to grow, despite the slide in Republicans who rank him as their top pick.  (You wish, as far as Jeb is concerned.)

This is a long way of saying that, in a highly volatile race, some candidates have a lot more potential to build their support than others. Consider Ohio Gov. John Kasich; 6% of GOP primary voters ranked him as their top pick, but only 34% of the people who plan to participate in the contest said they were open to supporting him, giving him very little room to maneuver.

Of course, these numbers can change. Back in June, two-out-of-three Republicans said they couldn’t support Mr. Trump. That figure decreased as he rose in the polls. Likewise, the share of Republicans who said they could support Mr. Carson and Mrs. Fiorina has jumped from 39% and 17%, respectively, in April.  (Yes, when you manipulate the numbers – just like in the last two elections.)

This metric offers a glimmer of hope to those candidates trailing the front-runners. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose candidacy barely registers in national polls, has seen the share of Republicans who would vote for him steadily grow. Despite being the top choice of just 3% of Republican primary voters, some 42% say they could vote for him, up from 32% in March. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is similarly positioned.

The race for the Republican presidential nomination remains enormously volatile, but these numbers illustrate a distinct divide between the top-tier and the next clump of GOP White House hopefuls, with Mrs. Fiorina and Messrs. Carson, Rubio and Bush in the lead and everyone else looking up at them.  (They don’t want Carson because he does not have the business experience, Fiorina is backed by John McCain who is an Elite Republican, and Rubio is just another politician who is not qualified to be president.

The surprise, of course, is that by using this metric, the current leader, Mr. Trump, looks more like a middle-tier contender than the next Republican nominee.  (Only because you want him to be.)

They will do anything to make Trump look bad.  They have already beat that dog to death!



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