Definition of the name Planned Parenthood – the word PLANNED means to decide on and arrange  in advance and the word PARENTHOOD means the state of being a parent and the responsibilities involved.   Therefore, Planned Parenthood  definition means they are arranging in advance to murder these babies.  Then Parenthood is being a parent and the responsibilities involved which means they are supposed to be protecting the baby and not destroying it  – therefore they are not living up to their name.  They are hiding behind a name to destroy babies and not save babies – it is a business to make money off of babies.

Why are we allowing Planned Parenthood  to decide which baby lives or dies?  Why are we allowing abortion and the  harvesting of organs by a public company.  To begin with, this is a disgrace to humanity that this country has allowed 1.3 million babies to be aborted.  This government is complaining that we do not have enough workers in this country – we have immigrants coming out of our ears – we have over 52 percent on welfare today – and we continue to kill our own.  Something does not pass the smell test here.


This harvesting of babies should only be allowed in a medical setting not in some back room by people who have no regard for life.  This should be done under the medical association and a panel of doctors to review the reason for any baby’s abortion.  Abortions should only be done in a hospital setting not in some cheap setting.

Planned Parenthood is a business not some charitable organization.  They are in business for a profit not to help young women.  It is time for abortions to be put in the proper setting.  Would you go to Planned Parenthood for an operation?  Wouldn’t you get a second opinion when you had a problem.  Abortion is a problem and needs a second opinion.

We have to place abortion in the proper setting and that is – we have to protect life first.  If you dance you pay the piper – in other words – we have to protect the baby.  If a women makes a mistake, unless it threatens her life – the baby has to be protected and should be the first order of business.  We are discarding these babies as if they were garbage.  This is a person who was a created by you and someone else and if you elect to have this baby aborted then you are committing murder.  We are letting these people off too easy – if they mistakenly became pregnant – then it changes their life and decisions have to be made to protect this baby – not just discard it.  We have to change our way of thinking.

If you are living today, you were given a shot at life; so, please let your unborn baby have a chance at life; and,  if you do not want it –  let someone else have this baby.  There are adoption homes for these special babies who will be taken care of, nourished, and given a shot at life.


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