Obama Is Telling Americans How To Worship – WHAT DID HE SAY – I CAN’T HEAR YOU!

09/28/2015 01:59 PM
Source: Fox News

(Strange the Pope just left town and he is already talking about religion and LGBT’s.  Wonder why he didn’t make that speech while the Pope was in town.)

Freedom of religion isn’t reason enough to deny any American their constitutional rights, President Barack Obama said Sunday as he addressed members of the LGBT community, one of his major sources of political and financial support.  (You are sooo right, we agree – so who is disagreeing?  What’s the problem – they not giving the Democrats enough financial support?)

Speaking at a Democratic Party fundraiser, Obama said it’s important to recognize that some parts of the country remain uncomfortable with same-sex marriage and that it will take time for them to catch up to the majority of Americans who support such unions.  (My goodness, I don’t hear anyone but Fox harping about it.)

But while Americans hold dear the constitutional right to practice their religion free from government interference, he said that right can’t be used to deny constitutional rights to others.   (Why you are the one that is bringing it up – remember the Muslims are the one that don’t believe in LGBT – you are talking to the wrong folks, Sir.)

(Isn’t it strange that Fox and he is ragging on a subject that is not even present!  Does anybody out there care who goes to church where, when or how?  It has gotten to the point that he has to make up conflict and try to inflict damage.  Remember, God is watching and knows what goes on!  Best thing Fox and these Democrats can do is to buy some chickens so they will have some feathers to ruffle.  Cause right now, their boat is sinking fast and the American people know where they stand with Fox and the Socialist Democrats.)



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