A good example of Jeb Bush’s common core math!

Frustrated dad writes out check to son’s school using Common Core math!


A frustrated father posted a photo of a check he wrote out to his son’s school and it’s making parents everywhere question Common Core math.

“Wrote a check to Melridge Elementary using common core numbers,” Doug Herrmann of Lane, Ohio, wrote on Sept. 16. “I wonder if they’ll take it? #YouFigureItOut.”

The check was filled in, but absolutely no numbers (expect a few zeros) were written on it. Instead, a chart with x’s and 0’s filled the dollar spot.

The photo of his check has been shared on Facebook more than 20,000 times and compounded on by thousands who not only share an appreciation for his slam on Common Core, but also have no idea how much the check is actually written out for.

Herrmann expressed his frustration with the system the day before posting the photo of the check. He shared a photo of his son, who’s in second grade, trying to figure out his homework.

“It’s sad when I can’t help my second-grader do his math homework,” he wrote. “Mental math and ten-frame cards? Common core sucks!”

The photo of his check has been picked up by news organizations across the nation including BuzzFeed. After seeing the viral success of his post, he says he was just “making a ‘funny'” by posting it and didn’t actually send the check.

But how much was the check really made out for? Hermann’s second-grader will probably figure it out before anyone else does.

The thing I can’t understand is why are they making things so complicated when things can be so simple – 1 + 1 = 2 – using two apples to explain.  This is all being done to dumb down our children – again to bring our country down, down.  Whoever started this common core should all be fired.  Stupid is as stupid does!


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