Is the Pope a False Prophet?

Source: Is the Pope a False Prophet?  No Obama is the false prophet!

I cannot answer that because only God knows what is in the Pope’s heart.  I do know that my God gave me a brain to sort out how I feel and think about the government of the USA.  Anything the Pope says will be analyzed on how it affects me as a person and my country.  As we all know the leader of the USA is not an honest person and has misled the country and  now he has misled the Pope.

The only thing I can take from the Pope’s visit is – Obama has not been able to convince the people of the USA that climate change is a fact and now he has used the Pope as a tool to take the next step in trying to bring the people along whether they believe it or not – that it is the right thing to do.  Since the Pope is not a scientist and is relying on Obama for facts – and the facts on climate change have not been established – I cannot go along with either person.

The other fact is in the USA we have a  Constitution which protects the people in this country – the Pope does not  live under this Constitution.   Obama has not adhered to this Constitution which is  treason.  What is happening here – Obama is trying to entrap the people so he invited the Pope to get involved in politics which would take this country to living under the tenants of Islam where church and state are ONE not under the Constitution where the church does not mix religion and politics.   So, therefore, I will listen to the Pope; but, I will still live under the Constitution, whereby, the Pope is only giving his opinion to the world on climate change and this is how it will be treated – no different than if Ted Cruz was standing in front of Congress expressing his opinion on a subject.

The other topic is abortion – Obama believes in abortion.  America has committed genocide by killing more than 1.3 million babies.  We have lost generation after generation because of this mass murder.

Obama is trying to mislead us again!


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