The American Disease: I Deserve to Get Away with Anything and Everything, by Charles Hugh Smith

This  is the summer of  discontent.   Americans are angry. They should be.  Our president has sunk our reputation around the world to new lows. Washington, D.C., is growing while the rest of the country struggles. The middle class rightly sees the odds rigged against it. The rich and powerful can buy influence and the middle class Americans can’t.  Then there are those who have this latest disease which is called – I deserve to get away with anything and everything while workers keep working and keeping these “deserve to get away with anything and everything” in their lifestyle.  This attitude starts at the top of the totem pole which is the White House and trickles down.




From Charles Hugh Smith, at

The only thing as grandiose as this sense of entitlement is the hubris it engenders.

Here’s the American Disease in a nutshell: entitlement and power means you never have to apologize for anything. Public relations might require a grudging, insincere quasi-apology, but the person with power can’t evince humility or shame–he or she doesn’t have any.

What the American with power does have in nearly limitless abundance is a grandiose yet unacknowledged sense of entitlement and a volcanic sense of indignation. For the powerful feel entitled not to be questioned, and entitled to the supreme arrogance of never apologizing for anything.

Their indignation at being pressed to account for their decisions knows no bounds–how dare anyone question my actions? It’s outrageous! I don’t deserve this!

The most entitled and indignant couple in America might well be Bill and Hillary Clinton, famously crying…

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