REPEAT – it has been absolutely killing Krauthammer that Trump is ahead in the polls. He has been crying foul for  months with O’Reilly.    We have found out that Fox News have been playing the people for fools – trying to make us think they were on the people’s side.  Instead,  they are on Obama’s and the Democrat Communists side and that includes the Elite Republicans.  The other factor is that a Saudi King owns a large percentage of Fox’s stock.  Krauthammer is just another rich man – he knows he is going to have to pay a lot  more in taxes if Trump is elected.

Don’t forget all of these folks except Trump are beholding to the lobbyists, Kings, or Chamber of Commerce and they do  not want Washington to change.  So you know what that means.

And don’t forget this:


The news media have been skewing the poll numbers and they are doing us like Karl Rowe did in the last two election making us think we were going to win.  Folks don’t pay attention to the poll  numbers because they are all made up just like the White  House’s numbers for ISIS.   Remember they just reminded us that the White House is changing the facts of what is really happening in the war with ISIS since Obama is on ISIS’  side.   Plus – all of the numbers for the unemployed are made up – our unemployment is really about 24%.

Charles Krauthammer Says He Knows What Will  take down Trump!  I have been suspicious of Krauthammer from the very beginning when he didn’t give Trump a chance before he blasted him on the O’Reilly show.

Ever since Donald Trump declared his presidential run, pundits and commentators have been shocked and surprised at his incredible success in poll after poll.

But conservative Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer says that he knows what might finally start to erode his popularity, and he spilled the beans on Fox News!
Krauthammer believes that if Carson starts to perform better in the polls than Trump does, his ego just won’t take the competition well and he’ll lash out at the popular candidate.

Yes, especially, today Fox did not even report Trump’s numbers so that tells you something. They manipulate those poll numbers just like everything else.  Wonder if Krauthammer is one of the psychologists that has been hired at the White House to observe Obama?   I wouldn’t be surprised.   Krauthammer is beginning to smell like dead fish.

As Ben Carson is more likable than Trump, Krauthammer thinks that will draw people away from the controversial front-runner.  Don’t forget we now have a person who was inexperienced in the White House.  Dr. Carson was a doctor not a business man who dealt with people, businesses and foreign governments and is self sustained.  Wonder where Carson is getting all of his campaign money – who will he be beholden to?

What do you think? Will Ben Carson be the key to finally stop Trump’s meteoric and unlikely campaign, or will Trump continue to astound the doubters?

These pundits don’t like it when the American people are winning.  Don’t let it slip away!




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