What a dream!  Dreamed about my Mama and my Papa last night.


The first time in a long time; and, I knew if they entered my dreams –  it was for a reason.  They came to ask about their party.  It was a hard thing to do; but, I tried to break it to them, especially Mama, as best as I could.  She asked me if I was still voting as a Democrat.  I hung my head and looked up at her with those green eyes; and, she knew just by the way I was acting that something funny was going on.

Then I had to tell her that we had left that party after the Kennedy assassination because after that the party was not the Democratic Party any longer.  She asked what happened; and, I ask her,  “Mama, why did  you come to America?”  She replied, “Because we wanted to live in a free country and knew things were going to get worse in Europe.”

Then I spoke solemnly to Mama and said  “Well, Mama, what you left in Europe are the same type of people who have come to America to be spoilers.  They come to America not to be free but only use the system to sponge off others.  Now they have decided they want to bring the Godless socialism and dictatorship to this country.  And, they do not like us to be free – they want us to be miserable as they are.”

So, Mama, “there is no Democratic Party anymore – just socialism and dictatorship like what you left.  Mama, we did the best we could but some of these folks who were our friends turned on God and now are socialists. We are still working hard to turn things around because the Godless people who elected Obama are now seeing him as the devil and the ones riding on his coattails will certainly go to hell with him.” On that note, she said, “God, is with you, so don’t give up.”  The funny thing I never did tell them I was an Independent voter voting in the Republican Party because, you know what, they would have never understood.  I will leave that for their next visit.


Just take a good look at these two honest looking folks (don’t they look honest and love the Constitution – WRONG) – both are socialists or communists.  One is a corrupt politician and the other is a socialist in the Socialist/ Muslim Democratic Party who does not follow the Constitution.  How did this happen a socialist in a democratic party?  That is a new twist – one way to wiggle in!


The woman wants to turn the country over to Muslims and run it with Sharia law and the other man just wants to take 90% (ninety percent) of your pay each payday.  And the people standing behind him cheering him on – YES, YES – take 90% of my pay.  What pay – 98 PERCENT of these people who say they will vote for Bernie Sanders are either self-employed (and fudge on their taxes) and the rest are on the government’s handouts which is called welfare – so they don’t give a fig whether Bernie takes 90% of  your pay cause they ain’t paying –  you are.

So folks if you vote for this Democratic Party – we might as well – CUT OUT THE LIGHTS AND CALL THE PARTY OVER!  Cause in this country, it should stand for freedom but what we have allowed are all of these foreigners to come into our country who have lived under a dictatorship – they come here for freedom and then want to bring what they left and now want what they left – a dictatorship.

The real Americans better quit sulking and get with the program to vote for the people who are going to help us get this country out of the grasps of this Democratic Party who is really not the Democratic Party but have been kidnapped by the Socialists and Muslims – don’t forget they did not want God in their platform at the last  convention.  And, the Republican Elite are no more Republicans but have moved over with the Socialists.  So folks that is the picture as I see it.  So the real fight for our country is still yet to come!

Well, Mama.  I hope you can read this in Heaven, we are trying!  I know how hard the move was from Europe to America and the struggle your family went thru to learn the language and starting from scratch.  And to think all of that hard work is being riped up by one man and only one man who is the devil.  How could that be – one person out of many on the opposite side – it is hard to figure out!   The foundation that you all built was shared by many over the generations and I just wished all of you could see how your hard work paid off for us and what a fun and fruitful life we have had; and, we thank all of you and your generation for the suffering and hard work to make it easier for my generation.

I told her to be sure and tell the rest of the family, we love them and miss them – especially, Beau and Pepe!


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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