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By Fellowship of the Minds (Reporter)

Commie Blaster calls it quits, after 5 years of faithful reporting

Tuesday, September 9, 2014 7:42

Thank you, CommieBlaster, for your 5 years of tireless unpaid work.

Thank you, CommieBlaster, for your patriot’s heart.

We salute you and hope we’ll meet again when our beloved country and the world are new again.

~Dr. Eowyn and the (unpaid) writers of Fellowship of the Minds

Statue of Liberty in tears


From “Who Is John Galt,” CommieBlaster, Sept. 8, 2014:

(Note: John Galt is a character in Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged (1957), a philosopher and inventor who believes in the power and glory of the human mind, and the right of the individual to use his/her mind solely for him/herself. He serves as a highly individualist counterpoint to the collectivist social and economic structure depicted in the novel, in which society is based on oppressive bureaucratic functionaries and a culture that embraces mediocrity in the name of egalitarianism, which the novel interprets as the end result of socialistic idealism.)

Dear Readers,

5 years ago we launched a simple project. We collected internet links to selected news articles, sorted them into categories and made them available to the public on our website. We had no idea where this project would take us. Our journey was shocking, unimaginable, a nightmare.

Via our research, we learned:

•The Democratic Party is now a communist/socialist party funded by and aligned with Islamic terrorists. A Communist Takeover has occurred and America is now under lawless Communist control.

•Obama is an imposter, a forger, a puppet, a Marxist, an Islam-trained foreigner, a serial criminal, a mass murderer, and a pathological liar, who was illegally installed as President to destroy America. He openly commits treasons and has supplied weapons and material aid to America’s enemies in time of war. He continuously violates the Constitution with impunity. His step-brother regularly meets with Islamic terrorists.

•The Republican Party has merged with the Democratic Party and has vowed to not impeach Obama. So we live under one party rule, where headless teleprompters select candidates, elections are determined by voter fraud and our votes mean largely nothing. Once elected, our Senators and Congressmen become millionaires via insider trading, a perk they have legalized for themselves.

.But Obama is only a figurehead, and the real person running the White House actions on a daily basis is Valerie Jarrett, an unelected, Iranian-born, second-generation communist. The White House is swarming with Marxists and terrorist agents.  Communist czars in the white house.

•The above is enabled by the US media, which is 90% owned by six major corporations. They take obedient direction from and provide cover for Obama and his administration’s crimes. MSNBC is the Obama Channel. CNN is funded by Bahrain. Endorsed by John McCain and Hillary Clinton, Al-Jazeera is owned by Qatar, a major funder of Islamic terrorism. With John McCain’s help, Al-Jazeera is now on US cable TV.   Fox News is no exception and its parent companies’ second largest shareholder is a billionaire Saudi prince. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest funder of terrorism. The US Government now spies on and threatens journalists with arrest and kills them.
•The head of the CIA and Obama’s “Assassination Czar,” John Brennan speaks in Arabic about the beauty of Isalm and converted to Islam while stationed in Saudi Arabia. He most likely ordered the car bomb murder of a Rolling Stones journalist who was investigating Brennan, as well as many other Obama-related murders. The CIA created Al Qaeda and trained and released the head of ISIS. The CIA most likely selects, installs and manages the US President and pits “Terrorists vs. Americans” to implement fascist rule by controlling both sides of the crisis equation.

CIA Islam John Brennan Killers
•We learned the US Government is a criminal organization, a Mafia, that takes our tax money and then uses it against us to install poverty, government welfare, communism and Islamic jihadists. Crimes now go unpunished with Eric Holder at the head of the Department of Justice. Eric Holder, was held in both Criminal and Civil Contempt of Congress and is still in office presiding as if nothing has happened. Holder was involved in illegal gun-running that caused the death of hundreds of innocent people, as well as the gun-running’s cover-up. He helped murder innocent children in Waco, TX and is suspected on being involved in the Oklahoma City bombing and Ruby Ridge.

•A few extremely rich people (felon George Soros, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffet, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey and others), as well as major companies, wealthy actors, and evening newsmen largely control the US government’s policies and use it to expand their wealth. Many openly belong to a “One World Government” organization called the Council on Foreign Relations. They promote climate fraud, disarming Americans,  flooding our borders with illegal aliens and terrorists, and brainwashing our kids in school.

George Soros.Bill Gates.Warren Buffett

•We spent no deliberate effort to seek out 9/11 truths, but we stumbled onto some that shocked us to our core. Hidden from the public until 2013, the Saudi Arabian government was involved in planning 9/11. The third 9/11 building that collapsed was brought down via controlled demolition. The BBC announced on air the building had collapsed 26 minutes prior to its falling. According to a 2-Star General who would know, the 9/11 “airplane” that struck the Pentagon was a missile. Dick Cheney turned off standard fighter jet scramble and shoot-down orders on 9/11. 9/11 was staged to implement Homeland Security and the unconstitutional Patriot Act, which provides almost unlimited federal power to bypass the Constituation and implement a national police state.

•Homeland Security targets law-abiding Americans, rather than terrorists. They have declared that a 100-mile wide strip of land around US borders on all sides that contains 1/3 of the US population is no longer subject to the Constitution. Eyewitnesses say the TSA let the Underwear Bomber bypass security. TSA “legalized” sexual assualt and strip searches elderly ladies in wheel chairs. The TSA’s body scanners are ineffective and are only good for collecting naked photos and irradiating people.

•The US Government illegally spies on and collects every phone call, every email, and every internet click that US citizens make or send. They also photograph every mail envelope and package. Major computer and communication companies assist in this illegal activity and admit to installing“Government back doors” in your computer software that allows the Government to turn on/access your data and view/listen to you through your computer. The US Government shares this information (your private data) in vast quantities with foreign countries.

•The Federal Reserve is systematically destroying the US dollar by printing $Trillions in unbacked fiat currency, by applying disastrous Socialist “Keynesian” policies as a cover for crime, and by openly manipulating financial markets. Trillions of US dollars were sent to foreign banks after the staged 2008 economic crash.  Federal reserve communists.
•Europe is also under Communist control. EU leaders are elected in secret and are known members of communist, socialist and Maoist parties. Obama’s Foreign Policy is taxpayer-funded “One World Communism” and “Islamic Terror”.

•Perhaps most troubling is (Government spy org and defense contractor, Obama Funder, and White House Chief Information Officer of USA) Google seems literally morphing into the “SkyNet system” depicted in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator movie series. Google is a massive big brother database and spy portal, interconnected with communication devices, satellites, facial recognition, drones, and military robots.google skynet spy drones satellite.

We initially supposed that shining a light on this situation would solve it, but no more. We have learned, by studying history, the only way to stop this fascist insanity is to stage a multi-million-person, peaceful, sustained siege on Washington D.C., like the one-day protest we attended below. There are more of us than them, and they will back down if enough people organize and peacefully, legally resist. They know this and so they fear us.


However, with one party control of government and media, we no longer see this option happening in the near term unless a unifying event occurs or uncorrupted leaders emerge with the ability to reach and organize masses. As evidence of this assumption, even the most flagrant, obvious lies and crimes, such as the IRS scandals and Benghazi are effectively ignored by both parties, law enforcement, courts and media, and left unpunished.

There is enough evidence already captured on our website site to cause any reasonable person to see a sustained, deliberate pattern of organized crime on a massive scale and to demand an unbiased, independent investigation, trial and conviction of every treasonous member of Congress and Government involved. Therefore, we are ceasing in our daily reporting and placing our energies on new initiatives. Commercial-free, adware-free, money-influence-free, and political-correctness-free daily news reporting comes to an end, but our website remains to inform our fellow citizens of the Government’s lawless tyranny that occurred from September 2009 to September 2014.

Now it’s time for us to take a new path. We faithfully served our 5-year tour of duty as a reporter in America’s 100-year-old war against Communism without any form of compensation or personal recognition.

Who of you will pick up the flag next? Who will document and help stop our Government’s treason and crimes so we can prosecute the traitors? Who will show us how to restore what they have destroyed when this illegal form of Government is ultimately overthrown in the 2nd American Revolution?


I am. You are.

Let’s roll.

– C.B.

This is strictly FYI.  Take it or leave it – but this is why the next election for Trump to win is so important.  That is why the Elite Republicans are fighting so hard because they have joined with the Socialists.  This is our chance.



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