Now it seems that Dr. Carson is failing the smell test by joining the others in calling Trump out.  I am disappointed. I thought surely he would stay above the fray and try to win on issues.  Yes, it was about an issue, but this all changed today when he bombasted Trump over immigration.  Carson says you cannot send all of the illegals back to their country of origin.  Well, why not?  They came here by train, bus, and plane over a period of time; so, why can’t they be returned systematically.  Just like they came here.  That is the problem with our country – they keep this word “CAN’T” in their vocabulary.  Can’t never got anyone anywhere.  So Carson is falling in that same trap as a politician.

We have a country filling to the brim with people and the government is not doing their job but is working against the people and Carson thinks these illegals should stay when we don’t have jobs and the welfare rolls are swelling like a balloon.  Now Obama wants to bring more people in from the Middle East which will mean more people to enlist on the welfare rolls.  Common sense tells you, the door needs to be shut until we can put our own house in order and with this leader it won’t happen until he’s gone.

The second item he called out was Trump’s Christianity.  No one should try to convince anyone they are more holier than thou.  Nor should any one try to prove that they are more Christian than another person.  That is a vow between two people – God and yourself.  This question can only be answered by that person and only him.   Christianity is not measured with a tape measure.


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