Romney is criticizing Trump?  Has he ever heard of President Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat? Johnson puts anyone in the shade for his lack of “fineness and crudeness.”  Instead, why isn’t he criticizing Hillary or Bernie Sanders – both Communists?

At least Trump knows how to treat a “lady.”  Romney doesn’t – he is afraid of women as he proved in  his debate with Candy Crowley.  He was so afraid of women – he kept them in “binders.”  My Mom always taught me if “you don’t act like a lady – how can you expect to be treated like a lady”?  It is always very evident when a woman doesn’t want to be treated like a lady and tries to put herself in a man’s shoe.  Once she steps out of that lady circle – she puts herself in the man’s shoe.  Women know what that means!

Romney has to understand “he had his day in the sun.” and he blew it.  Does he think for a moment the American people haven’t  found him out that he is part of the Elite Republicans and know what they are up to – trying to make us fall for the same thing they have done for two presidential election cycles – like bowing out to let the Democrat win?

The American people recognize the tragic fact – that our federal government under Obama is out of control and the worst part of it, we cannot count on either political parties to right our ship of state, because they are themselves helping sink it!

Shut down the charity government and bring on the people’s government who will run it like a business.  Just take a look at the debt – that alone should tell you what they are doing to the people!  Rich people like Romney think in terms of millions of dollars and it doesn’t bither them a bot to see all of that debt piling up!

But when the American people see that kind of debt hanging over their heads – they know something good is not going on!  They know they are being screwed and THAT IS WHY THEY WANT A BUSINESS MAN WHO KNOWS HOW TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT AS A BUSINESS BECAUSE IT IS A BUSINESS – NEGOTIATE AND MAKE DECISIONS, AND  not some weak-kneed politician!

All of us know we have to make a change (and anything would be better than what we are saddled with right now) and not keep doing the same thing over and over which has been the policy in the last two election presidential cycles – that is called insanity!

Romney’s horror is that the American people have found out what these scoundrels are up to!  We shall call him Romney Light in the future!

Wednesday September 02, 2015

NY Mag: Romney’s Horror at Trump!

By Greg Richter | Tuesday, 01 Sep 2015

Mitt Romney in January ruled out a third White House attempt, but his unhappiness at the front-runner status of Donald Trump has his supporters aching for him to change his mind.

And Romney himself is one of Trump’s “most vocal detractors inside the party,” Gabriel Sherman writes at New York magazine.

Romney is “someone to whom civility means a lot. The whole Trump thing really bothers him,” Sherman quoted a close Romney adviser.  (That is why he bowed out of the his race, because he couldn’t stand the heat.)

Trump’s rise to the top has definitely not come as the result of civility. (And he calls Obama’s mafia the result of civility?)  He has taunted other candidates who are below him in the polls and criticized Fox News in general and its debate moderators in particular after he felt the questions asked him were unfair. He’s even held out the possibility of running third-party if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination – not to mention him saying Sen. John McCain isn’t a war hero or reading out Sen. Lindsey Graham’s cellphone number in public.

(Those guys are sissies – sure McCain is a war hero – that has nothing to do with being a war hero – it is the tough world of politics –  if they can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen – and, if the shoe fits, that person must wear it!  Instead of whining why didn’t they stand up like men and give their different point of view – that would have been more appropriate.  And Graham’s going out and having a childish temper tantrum by throwing his phone made him look ridiculous – only children perform in that manner.)

But the likelihood of Romney joining the race at this point isn’t high, Sherman writes. More likely, he would more likely seek to influence the party as its elder statesman. He also has a huge donor network that any candidate would be happy to get access to.

But a Romney endorsement in the primary season probably isn’t in the cards, as it would only anger the anti-Establishment base, Sherman says.

Everyone has to understand the difference between a Democrat and a Republican:

The definition of a democrat has changed – the Democratic Party of old are now Communists and Muslims.  The Republican Party has split – one side is called the Elite Republicans – these are  now the old real democrats and have joined up with the communists and Muslims.  We call them RHINOS (Republicans in Name Only and they are the ones who are trying to turn this country into Bush I’s – ONE WORLD ORDER – in other words trying to redistribute the country’s wealth).  The other half of the Republicans are the Tea Party who are the conservative side of the party.  So, do you know where you fit in?





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