Black Activist Issues Challenge to Obama

By TPIWriter

Black activist Joe Evans is former vice-chairman and executive director of the Jefferson County Republican Party in Texas. After he learned about the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Darren Goforth was shot to death on Friday, he created a video calling out President Barack Obama in a HUGE WAY!

He is calling for Obama to “denounce” the Black Lives Matter movement… and the video is going viral. It is approaching a million views on Facebook, and already has 250,000 views on YouTube.

As Evans noted, “Unfortunately, my workout was cut short when I saw that another officer was assassinated last night. And many people will blame it on us not taking a serious approach to mental health, or we need stricter gun laws.”

Then he called on Obama… and every leader… to denounce the radical Black Lives Matter movement: “I challenge every leader, starting with the president down to myself, to denounce the black lives matter movement. It’s a racist movement — racist to the core — and it will only cause more division and more hate among Americans.”

He encouraged us patriotic Americans to stick together.

































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