We have to be very careful in believing the information we see and hear about who is up and who is down in the polls of the politicians running for the president.  The pollsters are all paid by the political systems to gain your trust in believing who is winning and who is losing and to train your mind to believe what they say are facts which is contrary to the truth.

We have to remember the last two elections and how we were misled by Karl Rove and his group and Dick Morris.  Now we have a new Fox pollster we have to watch in order to see if he is being truthful and that is Frank Luntz.  He tried to bamboozled us in the last debate and we saw through that session.

We do know the Democrats and the Elite Republicans are trying to convince us to vote for a politician like Jeb Bush who is the Elite Republicans darling.  Why is the Republican Campaign Chairman letting CNN hold the next debate?  Remember the Candy Crowley incident with Romney.  Would you go back for a second helping after that debacle?   And is a Republican sponsoring the debate or is it another Democrat.  Remember the Facebook rich guy, who is a Democrat, sponsored the last one and we know how that turned out.

Does that tell me that Reince Priebus, who is the Committee Chairman, is on the Democrats side still pulling for Jeb Bush. The Bush family has only one tract in mind – they are pro-immigration  and we all know the reason why?  And then there is wealth distribution and George Bush I’s ONE WORLD ORDER – George Bush signed every bill that came to his desk from the Democrats while in office and helped run up the debt?  That veto pen must have been out of ink during his tenure.  In fact, this morning, they are so concerned about Jeb’s polling numbers falling – they even talked about begging Romney to step back into the race – this tells you how desperate these Elite Republicans are.

Even last night on O’Reilly’s show he was impugning Trump –  that TRUMP was taking all of the oxygen out of the air for the other Republican candidates and even went so far to say that it was hurting the Republican party because they were not putting enough light on the Democrats and Obama who are  strangling the country with all of THEIR executive orders, giving away all of our money, and  not enforcing the laws on the books, especially immigration.  I don’t believe for a minute – the American people can’t see through all of those hypocrites.

Don’t think for a minute the American people will ever forget this Obama character and what happened when they elected the first black man to the office of president and found out he hated the white people and even went so far as to preach that fact to the world. That would set anyone’s hair on fire.  The country will never live that one down.  Just rethink that one over and over and don’t ever become that weak or mislead by these pollsters!

Following is information on what the word straw polls means:

  • A poll is a survey (a measuring tool) which determines the current state of a situation, with respect to consensus. It doesn’t form consensus. It merely measures it.

In the same way that a ruler does not change the length of your finger or make a new finger (it merely measures it), a poll does not change or make consensus.

What a poll can do is give you insight into where people stand on an issue.  And to make you think what they say is the truth is in fact a lie and steer you in their direction.

Polls are typically used in somewhat more complex situations, where it might be hard to otherwise get an overview:

  • Early or in the middle of a discussion, to determine where people stand, and who needs to negotiate with whom.
  • When we think consensus has already been reached, but we want to make sure we haven’t accidentally missed any important opinions.

At one point in time, certain processes were also set up to use poll structured discussions. We still use these processes:

  • When we would like to make fairly simple decisions at a centralised location in a short amount of time.

Poll structured discussions may not be an optimal way to handle particular topics, and people are making efforts to slowly deprecate them. Unfortunately they have become somewhat deeply ingrained, so this will take quite some time.

Straw polls:

Especially based on current insights on simplification and scaling, we don’t recommend designing any new poll structured discussions at this moment in time.

As we all know CNN will host the next Republican debate in SIMI VALLEY, California. Wonder who is paying for this second round.  Is it a Democrat like in the first round?  The second Republican presidential debate is set for September 16th at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Library in Simi Valley, California. The debate will air on CNN, and similar to the first FOX News-sponsored debate in Cleveland, Ohio, it will be split into primetime and pre-primetime groups based on averaged polling numbers.

The primetime group will consist of no more than 10 candidates.

But when it comes to presidential politics, it can be best to think of the race for the White House like the stock market.

“It goes up. It goes down. It can be volatile.”

Public opinion polls can be a bit like a “bear” or “bull” market too.

Politics is branding.  It is trying to change your game a little bit and be a little stronger — be more in control of your own image and not let others define who your are.

All of the candidates have also been sharing their policies as it relates to the hot topics in this race, such as immigration and foreign policy — speaking out against President Barack Obama’s proposed nuclear deal with Iran, and telling voters if he is elected, the U.S. would aggressively confront “radical Islamic terrorism.”

There’s a lot of things that any brand really needs to do in order to be successful, right? You need to be top of mind. So that speaks to the way your coming out with position papers and to be in front of the news.

“There’s no doubt that in the last couple of weeks most of the candidates have tried to show a little more heat, a little more passion, a little more detail, but I don’t think they are changing very much.”

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to the latest polls,  door-to-door retail campaigning tends to work well with Iowa caucus-goers.

The candidates in this next debate should answer the following questions:

The first question should be – will you put the Justice Department back into business to uphold the laws of this country and bring to justice all of these people in the government who are above the law under this Obama administration – all of them from top to bottom?

How are you going to pay off our debt, now – not 30 years from now?

What will you do about the economy – the social security and welfare problems.  And will you inject work back into the welfare program.

What are you going to do about the Islam ISIS killing Christians all over the world.

What are you going to do about the immigration problem and the wall at the border of Mexico and all of the illegal immigrants in this country.  What are you going to do about the brither problem?

What are you going to do about the Iran Deal?

When will you start to bring our Military back up to the standards needed to protect the country?

What are you going to do about bringing jobs back into this country?

What are you going to do about Obamacare and all of the taxes that will be put on the people in January, 2016?

What will you do to put the country back on track to follow the Constitution and uphold the laws of this country?

When will this country stop using our treasury as a charitable organization instead of for the good of our own people?  When will YOU stop this WEALTH DISTRIBUTION?




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