Monday August 31, 2015

Bill O’Reilly: Jorge Ramos Is a Radical Activist

By Cathy Burke | Friday, 28 Aug 2015

As we all know the White House and the Democratic Muslim/Socialist Party are all about immigration in today’s market of ideas.  They are using the immigration system to overload the country by not enforcing the laws of the country and wiping out our welfare system of its treasure to embellish their political voting system and Jorge Ramos is a part of that political process – in others words they are working against the Constitution of this country.

It all starts at the top with Obama, Castro (HUD), Biden, Reid, Jeh Johnson (Homeland Security), George Soros, and then Ramos’ daughter who works for Hillary, and then ends up with Jorge. They are bringing in all of these illegals in box cars from Central America and Mexico.  All of this is a plan with those countries because how else could all of those people ride through on top of these box cars without Mexico’s approval.  Trying to get through the southern border of Mexico is as tight as Dick’s hat band and coming through the border of the USA is like eating “cotton candy.”  All of us know how that is – evaporation osmosis.

So they are all part of the food chain of immigration.  Is this called a political process of immigration?  They have no idea who has entered this country, what their names are, and what country they are from and you know what Obama doesn’t care because this is the tidal wave he has always ridden on.  Do you think for a minute if this were the case going into Europe, Middle East, Russia, China, or Mexico or Central America or any other country that it would be allowed?  This leader should be booted out on his big ears!




Univision anchor Jorge Ramos’ testy confrontation with GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump proved him “an activist with a radical agenda” more interested in scoring personal points than honest debate, according to Fox News host and commentator Bill O’Reilly.

In a blistering critique on his webpage, O’Reilly says Ramos “jumped the line” at a Trump news conference with a goal “to badger the candidate and get a ton of attention for himself.”

“Ramos is an activist with a radical agenda,” he writes, noting Ramos charged on CNN that Trump “is the loudest voice of intolerance, division, and hatred right now in America.”

“Ramos is a full-fledged advocate for people, especially Mexicans, who enter the United States of America illegally,” O’Reilly argues. “He wants amnesty for illegal aliens and actually doesn’t seem to be very keen on the idea of a border between the USA and the country of his birth.”

The Fox News host calls that immigration stance “extreme” and “far to the left of even his daughter’s employer or any other Democratic candidate.”

“Whether or not you agree with Donald Trump on immigration or anything else, whether you adore or abhor the man, there’s no doubt that he engages in the debate,” O’Reilly writes – issuing a challenge for Ramos to appear on O’Reilly’s Fox News show, “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“The same cannot be said for Jorge Ramos.”



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