News:  Rupert Murdoch touts Michael Bloomberg for president!

It seems that Rupert Murdoch dug his “Fox” hole when he told Roger Ailes not to give Trump any air time.  Then the first presidential debate came and went and what a set-up that was; and, we all know how that worked out. Wonder if those three moderators got a raise out of that deal.  Today, there seems to still be some hard feelings since Trump tweeted today about Mrs. Kelly.  Then Ailes had to come out of his Fox hole to protect the damsel in distress and shoot some rubber bullets to defend Mrs. Kelly and even went so far to bring out the big gun, O’Reilly, who sternly ask Trump to back-off since he is friends with both Mrs. Kelly and Trump.  All the while, the Chief Murdoch, who started this fray, stays in his Fox hole hoping that it all goes away.  Wonder where Fox stands on the totem pole of ratings?

Life has proven,  if you are a business, it is not good to mix business and personal pleasure.  Fox doesn’t seem to get the hint – the American people are fed up with the news media and the elite politicians in the way they placate to each other, especially the present administration who continues to rag on the American people.


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