What is your plan if you were elected to the presidency?

Immigration – Very simple – build the fence, put the immigration laws which are on the shelf  back into play, stop making every baby born in the USA – whose parents aren’t citizens – a citizen.  Stop giving illegals any benefits like in Mexico (I have checked this out and a non-citizen in Mexico cannot get one dime from the Mexican government and they cannot work in their economy unless they receive special permission).  Use e-verify program before hiring any person.  Start immediately deporting all illegals regardless of how many and no matter how long it takes.  FEMA has lots of facilities, buses and food just waiting for this to happen!

Put all of these Obama people in jail who broke the law and are not upholding the Constitution for immigration.

Jobs – Immediately, add training and work back into the welfare program.  Reduce the taxes on business and the citizens.  Use e-verify program for all jobs.

Healthcare – Get rid of Obamacare in an orderly transition to out-of-state competition.  Make the insurance company work for their customers instead of dumping the people and make the insurance companies rich.

Government 1 – Review last two presidential cycles on who broke the law and indict those people and send them to jail to set them as examples for future government employees.  Especially, review all top officials, starting with the presidency and if they broke the law  (Constitution) – send them to jail.

Terrorism/Guantanamo   – Keep it open and send all citizens who are convicted of terrorism or leave the country to fight for ISIS/ISIL and – if they return – take their passport – and put them a trial and if guilty send them to Guantanamo for life.

Government 2 – Disband the EPA and Education departments and return that authority to each state.  Veteran Affairs – make that top priority to solve this problem by letting each veteran use the voucher system under Medicare to receive the best medical care.  Any disabled veteran receives a stipend no less than $5,000 per month.

Foreign Aid – Stop all aid until we get our country’s infrastructure  in top shape.  No exceptions.

Foreign Policy – Purge all people in the government and military who will not uphold the laws of the country and the Constitution.  Rehire those military commanders that Obama fired and rebuild the military.  As far as ISIS/ISIL is concerned – declare war and go in with a strategy to whip their ass instead of what the present administration is doing by colluding with the enemy.

Federal Deficit –  Simple, just start paying it off just like the people do and don’t add to it until it is paid off!  Audit the Federal Reserve and Fort Knox. Audit all departments for corruption and fire and send to jail  the sons of a gun who are guilty.  Leave no stone unturned. 

Climate Change – Do nothing until the scientists come to agreement on what the real facts are.  Use all facets of energy to the country’s benefit.

Overall – Review and then reject all of Obama’s executive orders that do  not help the country and its people.  Fire all people in the government who will not uphold the Constitution and its laws.

In order to accomplish all of these, we are going to need someone who is a business man and not a politician.  The politician promises us the moon and all we end up with is a “cow patty.”









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