When will America stop this ” nation building for democracy in the Middle East.”  We must start taking care of our own country.  Just take a look at our educational system which is broken!  Just take a look at our infrastructure which is broken!  Just take a look at our economic system – it is broken!  Just take a look at our Supreme Court,  present Administration, the Congress and Senate – none of these government participants are working for the American people – all have their own agenda and it is broken.  We must get out of the “business of being politically correct” and start over by getting rid of the “good old boy’s club” and electing someone who is not beholden to this club.

Anything would be better than what have because what we have is not working and electing a Hillary  or Jeb Bush will only continue on the same path because if they are a member of the present club – they are  not working for the American people – they are working for this “ONE WORLD ORDER” which is to continue this nation building by distributing our money throughout the world.  The only person who is standing out in this group of politicians is Ted Cruz who is working hard and is listening to the American people.

Just look at us right now!  It is hanging over our heads just waiting for the shoe to drop.  We have given these Republican politicians what they wanted – the House and the Senate to work against the Muslim leader who hates us and what did the Senate and House do – they are marching to the beat of this Muslim leader and NOT LISTENING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Therefore, we have to elect a leader who will listen to the people because this group is walking in lock-step following  this leader.  We know the Democratic Party if elected will continue the agenda of this present leader.  

As far as Trump is concerned, I have to agree with him to win against ISIS, we must stop supporting ISIS because we are fighting our selves.  Obama is the father of ISIS in Syria.  As Trump reports we have to stop the ISIS money flow.  If you stop their money flow they cannot support their own war.  We have been supporting the wars in the Middle East forever.  We have paid and rebuilt schools and cities only to have them blown up.  We must make them pay their own way and quit spending America’s money in this black hole.



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