Watching the debates tonight was not what I expected.  The 5 o’clock session was good.  I thought they were professional in their interaction with the candidates; but, the later session had too much about personal issues and petty politics and not enough on substance which  were all “gotcha questions. It was very obvious that Wallace and Kelly worked the whole night trying to cut Trump’s legs out from under him.

Why couldn’t they treat him like they treated the rest of the group?  In fact, Kelly and Trump started out on the wrong foot.  It appeared that Megan set up Trump to tee him off.  Why would you ask a man about his dealing with  a specific woman who has been labeled on TV as off the wall.   I was really disappointed with Kelly’s demur – it gave me the attitude  that Kelly was  playing fast and loose with Trump and the others.

Does this all go back to this:

Report: Fox News’ Roger Ailes And Boss Rupert Murdoch Fighting Over Trump Coverage 

While Fox News continues to promote and defend Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, other parts of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and Murdoch himself have criticized the candidate in what appears to be an internal proxy war.

New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reports that the divergent tone in coverage of Trump’s campaign may be evidence of a split between Murdoch and Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who recently signed a new contract that will extend his tenure beyond the 2016 election.

Was this a “too big to fail” for fox?  Is Fox trying to stage who the final candidate will be?


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