Planned Parenthood worships at the altar of abortion with your tax dollars.


This little guy is thanking the Lord and his parents that he wasn’t aborted!  Every day is a major milestone in the fight to stop it.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed, murdering defenseless babies and selling them for parts.

Now big abortion is trying to censor and silence these videos. We’re (Jay Sekulow – American Center for Law and Justice)  (ACLJ)  in federal court tomorrow to protect the pro-life group that is exposing them.

I’ve deposed these abortionists in court cases. I’ve seen their cold calculated callousness toward life firsthand. Now the American people have seen their evil.

Yet Planned Parenthood rakes in $500 million of our tax-dollars each year. This must end.

The U.S. Senate scheduled a vote on a critical pro-life bill to completely defund the abortion giant.   But guess what, most of the Democratic Party voted to continue this slaughter of innocent babies These members of the Democratic wavered and succumbed to the evil and the fight was lost to save the babies.  So the butchering of babies will continue.

These same members of the Democratic Party were more interested and condemned the dentist who shot the lion in Africa.  That tells you the sphere and scope of human compassion that is frozen in this party that pretends to be for the middle class.  These members are socialists and Muslims who do not give a damn for human life!  Just look at the Middle East and the human destruction that happens every, every day!

May the souls of these members of the Democratic Party be frozen in their evil!  American people are aware this practice of abortion is to continue –  this party and the leader will continue their  “DEPOPULATION PROGRAM.”  The last count reported 1.3 million babies aborted since ROW VS WADE was enacted.  This country should be ashamed and to think we shame other countries for their violations of human rights.  We have lost 1.3 American citizens so now they complain we don’t have enough workers so we have to immigrate people.

The real purpose of this sick Democratic Party is they are trying to change the culture of this country; but, the funny thing on the way to the butcher shop is the people they are immigrating can’t even run their own county so how can they run America.  Look at South Africa after the Brit’s left – it all crumbled and is still crumbling because the people left to run the country can’t run anything except their mouths.


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