All of these Republican presidential campaigners better think twice before they get into the gutter with the Elite Republicans Jeb Bush  and Rino’s John McCain, and Lindsey Graham who vote with the Democrats, and the side table of Rick Perry, etc.   Instead of demonstrating how they will run the country, they are spending their time showing us how petty they are with all of this gutter talk.

This same group of gutter talk people are the ones who fooled us with this mess we have in the White House and are trying it for the third time.  Why aren’t Rino’s telling us what new ideas they have to offer to solve the problems – no, they think they own the people and the government – it is called privilege.

They have lost the trust of the American people for their intended past failures by bringing this present progressive Muslim government into power which is part of the One World Order.  Just take a look at both sides – Republicans and Democrats –  just sitting on their a$$le’s sucking their thumbs while Obama is burning down the country with the help of the Democrats and Rino Republicans!!

As I have stated earlier we do not need old politicians with old ideas.  Trump with his open talk about the problems which are plaguing the country has struck a nerve with these old-time politicians who are all talk and don’t walk the walk – so nothing ever gets done.  They just know how to spend our money!

Trump is rough around the edges and that is good.  He calls a “spade a spade.”  He doesn’t mind stepping on these politicians’ toes – which is needed.  They don’t like some upstart telling them about problems that have been on the table and have not been solved because the Democrats and Elite Republicans don’t want to solve the problems – just want to keep everyone on their knees and deep in debt.  It upsets their One World Order apple cart which they have been working on with the Democrats since Bush ’41.

Why do they think they know how to run the whole world when they can’t even run America.  And why do they think all of the Kings and Dictators in the world are going to “just fall in line” for their ONE WORLD ORDER.  These politicians are good at spending our hard-earned money because none of them have ever had to put their hands on a shovel and dig and work for their money.

So all of you folks, better look long and hard on what you are getting into – these people who are politicians – Republicans and Democrats,  have had a long time to get things straight and have failed the American people.  We now have our chance and need a business man who will run the government as a business and not a charitable organization – just look at all of the money both of these parties have thrown in the gutter.

Wednesday July 22, 2015

Cruz and Casick: Not Going ‘Into the Gutter’ to Attack Trump

Unlike his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Senator Ted Cruz and John Casick refused to repudiate Donald Trump for disparaging Sen. John McCain’s war record on Saturday.

“They’re running their own campaigns, they can make their decisions, I’m not going to go into the gutter with personal attacks impugning character,” Cruz said in an interview with Bloomberg Politics at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, late Saturday afternoon.

Trump sparked an uproar among Republicans when he said McCain, who spent more than five years as a prisoner in Northern Vietnam in during the Vietnam War, is “not a war hero.”

“He was a war hero because he was captured,” Trump said during a Q&A session. “I like people who weren’t captured.”

When asked if he is staying mum for political reasons, namely to pick up some of Trump’s support should he drop out of the race, Cruz said he has used the same approach with his competitors before.

“There have been other candidates in this race who’ve attacked me — Chris Christie and Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee — I praise them all,” the Texas senator said.

Instead, Cruz avoided what he called the “media game” of responding to Trump and focused on his respect for the former Navy pilot and spoke at length about his service.

“My view on John McCain is explicit and unambiguous. He’s an American hero and he’s a friend. I’m not going to just take a stick to fellow Republicans or for that matter to Democrats,” Cruz said. “In my time in the Senate I haven’t impugned the character of Republicans or Democrats and I don’t intend to start today.”

Cruz has had a rocky relationship with McCain in the Senate, starting when he first arrived in the body two years ago. In the interview, Cruz called both McCain and Trump friends, although he knows Trump less well than some of the other candidates in the race.

Last week, as the uproar over Trump’s earlier remarks on Mexican immigrants was causing some other Republican presidential candidates and prominent party leaders to speak out against the real estate mogul, Cruz met with Trump as the senator’s request in his Manhattan office. Both men characterized the meeting as positive and Cruz continued to emphasize his appreciation for Trump’s raising of the issue of illegal immigration.

After Trump’s characterization of McCain’s war record on Saturday, many GOP White House hopefuls rushed to extol the Arizona senator’s military service. Some went farther. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Trump was engaging in “offensive rantings,” while former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said Trump’s remarks made him unfit to be commander in chief.

Even Mitt Romney, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee who had accepted Trump’s endorsement with much fanfare, and a senior official of the Republican National Committee, rushed to repudiate Trump’s remarks, isolating Cruz further.



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