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By TPIWriter

This was spotted on the back of an American patriot’s truck! Isn’t it strange Obama can’t find jobs for the America people; but, he sure found a job for his daughter for the summer in Los Angeles with a director.  He’s gonna put her in the movies!

How many Dem’s are on the welfare rolls and how many Repub’s?

Welfare rolls are increasing, and people are simply not finding work in the Obama economy.   Just as Obama planned.   While the unemployment rate remains low, the real story is the labor participation rate — the share of working-age people participating in the workforce. It has dropped to 62.6 percent from 62.9 percent in June.

That means a large majority of Americans have simply stopped looking for work. They find it’s a better deal to stay home and to receive benefits from the state and federal governments.

After all, in many states, welfare pays more than minimum wage!

No, really, stop looking. In 35 states, welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job, according to a new study by the libertarian Cato Institute, and in 13 states welfare pays more than $15 per hour.

“One of the single best ways to climb out of poverty is taking a job, but as long as welfare provides a better standard of living than an entry-level job, recipients will continue to choose it over work,” said Michael Tanner, senior policy analyst and co-author of the study.  This will not change until the Congress sticks “the welfare to work” provision back into the Contract for America.  In other words – only so many weeks on welfare – then you either take a job below  your dignity or put yourself out there for some “retraining” and then enter the world of work.  What is Congress waiting for?

The study is an updated version of one Tanner put out in 1995 that estimated the full value of welfare benefits packages across the states. The 1995 study found that such tax-free welfare benefits greatly exceeded the poverty level and “their dollar value was greater than the amount of take-home income a worker would receive from an entry-level job.”

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