As I have said many times, this Confederate flag did  not go into this church and kill all of those people and when the Democratic Party blamed the killing on the flag that is when I lost respect for all of these people who became embroiled in this issue.  Governor Haley fell for it “hook, line, and sinker.  It seems she didn’t ask one of her state senators to tone down the rhetoric and especially the emotions.  This women used emotions to get this bill passed.

This is a very good example if you had a woman president.  It would take a special woman to be the president of this country because women have a built-in emotions meter.  This was completely out of line on the floor of this body.  I was totally embarrassed that this woman played on the government body’s emotions.  It was of no concern to me when this vote was taken but it should have waited until cooler emotions prevailed.

Then governor has the nerve to go on NBC’s Chuck Todd program – who hates conservatives – and when he asked her how she felt about Trump and his comments – she fell for it again – saying that Trump needs to pump the brakes on his tone.  Did the Elite Republicans ask her to go on the program to make that statement?  Just like these Elite’s – sending a woman out to do a man’s job because they didn’t have  the guts to do it themselves and because it would have made them look bad.


Arlin Report

Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) responded to 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s frustration with illegal immigration on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” on NBC. Haley said she understands Trump’s frustration, but she also warned Trump to pump the brakes on his tone because she wants people to communicate in a tone with “respect and dignity.”

(Excerpt)

Note, “………..she wants people to communicate in a tone with respect and dignity!  Suddenly Gov. Haley is OUR MOTHER!  She now appears to have an opinion on everything.   Could it be the Confederate flag issue was more about political gain than being the “right thing to do’?    Haley was a virtual unknown, now she is a household name.

Real motives may be shining through, and they are political, a political con job.

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