Where in the world have you been?  Were you asleep in class when the Civil War was discussed?  I bet this guy is thinking:  Gee! I wisht I’d been born 500 years ago!  Why? Well, I wouldn’ of had to learn so much history!


Causes of the Civil War

Historians have never reached any general agreement about the causes of the Civil War. Some believe that the slavery issue was the basic cause.  Others think that the war resulted from economic rivalry between the industrial North and the agricultural South. Most agree that many factors, not just one, contributed to the situation that finally developed into the Civil war,  Certainly slavery was basic to the issue but was not the only issue.

Fox News regular Gavin McInnes claimed the Civil War wasn’t about slavery.

The conservative news channel Fox News hasn’t lived up to their slogan “fair and balanced” since the network’s inception nearly 20 years ago, and they don’t seem to be changing anytime soon. In a recent tweet, a frequent guest and friend of the network claimed that the Civil War was not fought over slavery.

Gavin McInnes is best known as the co-founder of Vice Media, and Fox News regular. The often angry, anti-feminist is never one to hold back his opinion, but often gets himself into hot water by stretching truths and presenting misinformation has fact. Tweeting out on June 23 to his over 50,000 followers on Twitter, McInnes defended the use of the Confederate flag, stating that “The Civil War wasn’t about slavery,” saying instead that “it was about secession.”

The claim was investigated by the fact checking website Politifact on June 25, and they rated McInnes’ tweet “pants on fire” false, the worst rating on their scale. In addition to his first tweet, McInnes also asked northerners to Google more information about the Civil War, which Politifact was happy to do.

After typing in “causes of the Civil War,” Politifact came across the top rated links from History.net, PBS, and Americanhistoryabout.com. Each site came to the conclusion that slavery was a major factor leading to the war, with information stating “The Civil War was the culmination of a series of confrontations concerning the institution of slavery.” The fact checking site also spoke with a professor of history from Columbia University, Eric Foner, who noted, “Read South Carolina’s Declaration of the causes of secession…It is all about protecting slavery.”

McInnes makes regular appearances on the Fox News Channel and appeals to the far right and extreme conservative view points of the overwhelming majority of their audience. Like McInnes, those who continue to defend the use of the Confederate flag and deny the country’s history of racism only shows that the United States has a long way to go before it see real progress on race and race relations.

See, even after all of these years, people cannot agree to disagree!  Why would anyone even one to debate the issue at this point.  What difference does it make – just believe it happened and the rest leave to your own memory.  Worry about tomorrow – not yesterday!



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