Is Hillary trying to tell us something by using the “ROPE A DOPE” system in her campaign?  She sure is stringing up the news media and the thing about it – they are allowing her to do this to them.  Sure am glad there weren’t any trees near by!  In the old days they called it – lynching!  Is that what she actually had in mind?  Or is she just “stringing” them a long?



1. Relating to or being a strategy in boxing in which one fighter covers up and often leans back against the ropes to allow the opponent to become exhausted by throwing punches so that the opponent cannot defend effectively late in the fight and is thus defeated.
2. Relating to or being a strategy in which one behaves passively or with little aggression until an opportune moment arises for successful action.

A rope-a-dope strategy or course of action.



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