Senator Ted Cruz has taken Washington by storm and is already among the leading GOP candidates for 2016.  It will be interesting when the debates start and we can compare Ted to the other candidates and see what makes all of them tick.  He has written a book which may help us understand where he is coming from.  In the elections in Texas when he ran for Senator, he was chastised by the elite Republicans and the campaign was fought long and hard to keep him out of Washington.

Many Republicans (and even Democrats) want to know what really makes Ted tick — and how, as president, he would roll back Obama’s policies and make America great again.


With so many candidates competing — Rand, Rubio, Walker, Jeb, Trump, Carson, and others — now is the time to go inside Ted Cruz’s mind and find out his real values.

In A Time For Truth you will hear Ted’s voice as he shares his personal story as the son of an impoverished immigrant who fled Cuba’s communism.

Ted went on to graduate from Harvard Law School, serve as solicitor general for the state of Texas, and then become a U.S. senator.

Read A Time For Truth as it:
•Rips away the media distortions to uncover the “true” Ted Cruz
•Reveals a deeply personal journey from poverty to the U.S. Senate
•Offers penetrating insight into the evolution of Ted’s beliefs
•Reflects how his conservative, constitutional upbringing influences every decision
•Looks inside Washington and uncovers the twisted politics that are stealing the American Dream
•Showcases vignettes of Anwar Sadat, Elie Wiesel and others with courage to speak out — even at personal risk

•Pulls back the curtain on Washington’s lobbyist-brokered back-room deals that benefit the elite at the expense of the average American

•Sets out free market, constitutional plans to restore greatness to this country

A Time For Truth shows the American Dream still comes true. It offers hope to everyone frustrated with crony politicians — in both parties — who refuse to listen to your voice.

Let’s take a close look at this candidate, plus Trump, who love America and want to keep its exceptionalism.


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