Why do the Government and Media want you scared?

by Onan Coca

In our ever present media rich society we are constantly inundated with the latest news and bombarded with the most heinous visions of what may go wrong in our world today. The pundits seem to find satisfaction in direly proclaiming which threat is the most dangerous and just why that threat could bring an end to our civilization as we know it. Since the fall of the Soviet Empire it has seemed that our eyes have turned ever increasingly to the Middle East, and that region has become our generations Balkans – “The Powder Keg” of our Brave New World.

There are natural correlations that we can draw from previous decades – the muscle flexing in Latin America of the 1980’s. Dealing with military strongmen and thugs” in Yugoslavia and East Africa in the 1990’s. The War on Terror of the 2000’s. What do the next few years hold? We are moving ever slowly, almost trudging, along into this new decade of international intrigue. Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya have come to heel – Syria is not far off – and our concentration today is on Iran.

Whether we agree with the policies that brought us here, or not, it is impossible to say that American foreign policy has not drastically changed the landscape of the Middle East over the last ten years. Even the Arab Spring which we worked so hard to NOT involve ourselves in, is at its root our creation. What would have come of these “modern” revolutions without the technology and creativity that we gifted the world? The answer is nothing. While the revolutionaries of the Arab Spring may not like it, their success was our doing.

Have you noticed the slight change however, in our government’s focus? Have you noticed the ever shifting of the gaze of the media further east? Russia, China, North Korea… ah, all things are made new! It is almost as if someone dug up some never before seen James Bond film and has begun playing it for our elites. The once dark eastern half of our planet is rising again from its own ashes like a Phoenix into our horizon!

Then again… hundreds of millions of Chinese live in abject poverty, their government is rife with corruption, and they cannot even exert enough influence over North Korea to keep us from poking around. In North Korea the problems are even worse, almost the entire population of the country is starving and the military can’t shoot a rocket into the upper atmosphere – let alone across the ocean.

What of Russia? Russia leader’s may be despotic but the nation itself is just trying to hang on. The people are out of work and their economy makes ours look rosy – the youth are on the march in Russia and we may see a new freedom movement in Russia over the next decade. In short, all of the eastern “powers” have too many problems at home to be of major concern for us.

What should we be worried about? How about – us? Our economy is in the tank, and the media has been heralding a recovery since President Obama took the oath of Office. Well with unemployment still above 8% , the real estate market still writhing in the street, and the only industry seeing any growth being the government – I am here to tell you that we are still making the same mistakes that got us here! We can begin answering those questions in this election, by selecting new representatives to speak OUR minds.

Many Americans attention is focused at the top of the ticket (where change is definitely needed) but our attention should be lower on the ballot. Tell the pork-barrel, back scratchers to come home for good and send some new blood, untainted by the waste and excess of government, to answer the call of a republican government.

The “real” dangers we face in America to have everything to do with the size, scope, and activity of the federal government. Some of us vainly believe that this is simply a Democrat problem – it’s not. Far too many Republicans also carry the banner of “Big Government” and the blame for our current problems actually rests more heavily on their shoulders… because the Republicans so often give lip service to smaller government.

You know who they are, they have names like; Snowe, Collins, Brown, and Murkowski. There are others who names fly under our radar, they sign onto bills like; TARP, No Child Left Behind, and so on. Herein lies the real danger, the “Wolf” in sheep’s clothing, as it were.

We as conservatives have failed to guard the gate we have allowed Big Government to invade our borders with it’s insipid lies and half-truths. We have bought in to programs like Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. We have partnered with bureaucracy and entered into “bargains” like No Child Left Behind, the National Endowment for the Arts, the US Department of Education, etc. It’s time we found our core and spoke honestly – the biggest threat facing America today are Republicans who speak out of one side of their mouth while enacting legislation that belies the very words they speak.

It is time to stop allowing the media and our political elites to distract us with fears of “straw men” who pose no real threat to our future; like Iran, and North Korea. It is time we direct our gaze towards Washington, DC and let them know the jig is up – we know where the danger lies.

We are going to elect men and women who will cut spending, shrink the government, and eliminate costly and disruptive regulations from our lives. This is how we protect our nation. This is how we can protect the world, because a freer, productive, and successful America means a freer, more productive and successful world.


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