MSNBC, The All-In-For-Obama Channel, pays for lack of news!

CNN on the rise in ratings, as MSNBC sinks under ideological overload.  The reason for CNN is due to Jake Tapper who is a straight shooter for the truth.  I would image that CNN is trying to hang in the ratings so they have a mixture of one truther and the rest non-truthers to give  everyone a mix and still stay in Obama’s good graces (scares me to death to talk about Obama and good graces in the same sentence).  It is kinda like a young woman trying to remain a virgin these days!  You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t!  Cause there aren’t any virgins in the White House  for truth-telling.

You know what, maybe there is some justice in this world.

I was angry Monday when I saw David Axelrod, the latest Obama partisan hired by MSNBC, dare to take on Bob Schieffer, of CBS News.  (Bob retired in 2015.)

At issue was a statement Schieffer made on his “Face the Nation” show Sunday in which he questioned not only Team Obama’s lack of respect for the press and First Amendment, but the overall communications competence of the administration. (Is that why CBS put him in the retirement way?)

Schieffer is right, of course.

And if you don’t believe me, just think back to October 2009 and the White House’s misguided campaign to discredit Fox News. Its TV launch featured Anita Dunn, White House communications director, doing an interview while standing on the White House lawn during a what looked like a wind storm. She looked like she was doing “King Lear.”

When someone with Schieffer’s track record in Washington tells you the White House has gone off the rails on the relationship between the executive branch and the press, a smart person listens.

But Axelrod is more a Chicago wise guy than a smart person. And he tried to reduce and misrepresent what Schieffer said to make it seem as if the veteran newsman was whining about not being able to book the administration guests that he wanted on his show. But that’s what Axelrod does, isn’t it?  (Remember he brought Obama out of the shadows; and, he and Obama are part of the Saul Alinsky crowd trying to bring down America?)

Anyway, he’s one of the guys MSNBC brought on in its all-in commitment to being an official organ of government ideology rather than a source of news and information — and he is one of the folks bringing them down.

How far down?

When this was written, May was the second month in a row that CNN beat MSNBC in prime time, total day and the desired demographic of viewers ages 25-54. For the record, MSNBC was also beaten by CNN’s sister channel HLN.

May was a strong news month, and CNN rose to the challenge. One of the most impressive gains belongs to Jake Tapper’s show at 4 p.m. That’s very good news for Jeff Zucker.  (Tapper is CNN’s savior.)

But, hey, MSNBC has been right there giving Obama diehards like Axelrod and Robert Gibbs  (gone now and is handling a different pitch fork) its airwaves to attack anyone who would dare criticize the administration.

Speaking of folks bringing MSNBC down, I’d be remiss if I closed without mentioning Chris Hayes and his “All In” 8 p.m. show. It’s destroying MSNBC’s prime time and dragging the channel’s one star, Rachel Maddow, down with its deadly lead-in to her show.

I will watch CNN when Jake Tapper is on the waves; but, other than that –  credibility goes out the window – remember Candy Crowley – heep big smoke – no fire and – and all of you liberals out there don’t ever forget to thank CNN for those lying eyes!!  By the way – what farm did they send Candy?

So if you watch this station don’t forget who the people are in the background giving you the news – TRUST, BUT VERIFY!  Take the news as entertainment not hard facts.






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