These elite Republicans and Democrats just don’t give up.  We keep electing politicians to run this country who could care less about the country and its people and we see where that has taken us.  The problem – at the present time – is that we have to elect a person who can run it as a business because the whole government scene is about MONEY.  The biggest problem we run into is when these politicians come into office they start thinking the people’s money is their money and spend it in the same way.   Our debt is piling up and no one in the present rank of presidential candidates is even talking about trying to fix the country.  We have to fix all of the broken and leaking pipes before we can even think about adding anything else to the agenda.  Credentials – Must have an American birth certificate and an IQ test.  Politicians or professors need not apply!

Trump ‘Resonates’ With Voters in ‘Uncomfortable’ Ways!  Yes, that is true because he knows all of the aches and pains this Democratic Party has given to the American people. He loves the country and he like all Americans are sick and tired of being pooped on by these Democrats – Obama, Pelosi, and Harry Reid – all wearing their arrogance every day on their sleeves – with all three shredding the Constitution and abandoning their sworn oath.  Look at the shape of the country – the infrastructure and the debt alone and when I see them saying things  as shown in the following photo – that is when my feathers become ruffled.  This alone tells me what kind of people were elected and why the country is presently in the shape  it is in – these people are possessed by the devil.

Going Down to Their Level

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 17 Jun 2015 11:45 AM

Much of what Donald Trump says “resonates” both inside and outside the Republican Party, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Wednesday, and what he says “throws a monkey wrench” in the predictability most candidates rely on.

“He is unpredictable,” Steele said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “The other piece of it, though, is he has base support. He has an energy on the ground.”   (Steele says Trump is unpredictable – so you call yourself predictable?  Maybe we need someone unpredictable to get things done.)

While Trump has come under some fire over statements he made concerning the Mexican border and immigrants in his campaign announcement on Tuesday, “there are a lot of folks who look at the Mexican border the way he pronounced it yesterday,” Steele said.  (And why shouldn’t they with the way this government has been run in the last six years going on seven years.  And the lies all of them spew out every single day – and day after day.)

“I think that affords him the opportunity to not only be on that stage, but to say something that is going to make the party very uncomfortable over the next few months.”  (And why shouldnt it make the Republican Party uncomfortable? Do they feel guilty?  Or is it because the Elites and Democrats are trying to turn the country into a World government?  They should be made uncomfortable and sooner rather than later.)

Steele noted that there are concerns among establishment leaders that Trump’s campaign will become a circus, or “more about the cult of personality than actually running for the presidency of the United States,” and if Trump follows the approach that he showed in Tuesday’s speech, that could happen.  (The Elites and the Democrats will certainly try to make Trump’s campaign look like a circus.)

Recent polls also show that 59 percent of the voters say they will not vote for Trump, said Steele, but there is still a significant base of voters for him to work with, and those people will be excited about him.

“It’s a real problem going into the early debates if he’s on that stage,” said Steele. “The argument will be framed by Donald Trump, not by Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio or others.”

Meanwhile, Bush has to prove that he is the top-tier candidate in the wide field of Republicans seeking office, and that he’s the person everyone has to deal with, said Steele. ( Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. Since when have you been made the decision maker-in-chief?)

“That first moment on the stage in August will be a defining moment for the Bush campaign,” Steele said about the early GOP debates. “They’ll see whether or not he is and has what it takes to be the leader of the party.  (The American people have had enough of the Bush’s and the Clinton’s.  They have taken this country to a new low by their policies in no education – just paperless diplomas, the foreign situation is in a mess, and now you come back and want the American people to elect another Bush or Clinton.  I wonder who is the arrow-head?)

“Right now, that space is all over the place. It’s occupied by guys like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, Marco Rubio,” he said. “Then you’ll have Scott Walker get into this race, Chris Christie. That will also change the dynamics. So Bush has a heavy load to pull here.”

(When Steele ran the Republican reelection campaign, he was not successful and it was very disappointing in the lax way he ran the show.  So all of you folks out there, it is important that in this election we elect someone who – loves this country, loves the Constitution, wants to fix this country, wants to fix the tax system because they are all broken, and above all – a person who loves the American people and the country regardless of  color.)



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