The George Soros  lawsuits against the states are being led by attorney Marc Elias, who is the Clinton campaign’s general counsel, the newspaper reports.  So it looks like George Soros and Hillary are in cohoots.  Judge a man by his the fruit of his tree. If George Soros does not feel any guilt for his fellow Jews he betrayed in the Holocaust… Or the millions of British citizens he hurt when he broke the Bank of England… Or the millions of Russians that he and his Oligarchs raped in the collapse of the Russian empire… What makes you think he will give a second thought to you or your family when he destroys the dollar for his New World Order?

This man is like a vulture who works to destroy a country’s system and then preys on the collapse.   The Judge  in these lawsuits should put both of them in jail for their misdeeds.  The states should request the case be thrown out because  there has not been a problem with the process of voting.  These two are trying to rig the system so they can cheat – which happens in every election with these Socialist/Muslim Democrats.  They tried it in the last election.  Remember the “hanging chads in Florida.”

Saturday June 06, 2015

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Fire Back at Hillary For Attacks on Voting Rights

Friday, 05 Jun 2015 05:22 PM

By Courtney Coren

Republican presidential hopefuls are firing back at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for holding up their states as examples of those with poor records on voting rights.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich told Fox News that before Clinton attacks Ohio’s voting laws, she should look no further than her home state of New York that she represented in the Senate.

“In Ohio we have 28 days. In New York, where [Clinton] is from, they have one day. Why are you suing me? Why don’t you go sue your own people? Why don’t you take care of business at home before you run around the country using these demagogic statements that we don’t want people to vote?” Kasich said in an interview on Fox News Friday. “It’s ridiculous.”

While speaking at historically black Texas Southern University on Thursday, Clinton criticized by name Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Kasich for the voting laws in their states.

“Republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of American citizens from voting,” Clinton said during her speech. “What part of democracy are they afraid of? I believe every citizen has the right to vote and I believe we should do everything we can to make it easier for every citizen to vote.”

Clinton’s top lawyer Marc Elias has filed lawsuits in both Ohio and Wisconsin, challenging the voting laws in those states.

Clinton supports universal voter registration, allowing greater access to polling places, allowing them to remain open for a minimum of 20 days and having voting hours on evenings and weekends.

Walker responded in a statement, in which he called Clinton’s proposals “extreme.”

“Hillary Clinton’s rejection of efforts to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat not only defies logic, but the will of the majority of Americans. Once again, Hillary Clinton’s extreme views are far outside the mainstream,” Walker said.

Clinton attacked Christie for vetoing a measure that would have made the early voting period longer, and Bush had purged voter rolls of eligible voters they mistakenly thought were felons.

“Secretary Clinton doesn’t know the first thing about voting rights in New Jersey … or in the other states that she attacked,” Christie said while at a stop in New Hampshire on Friday.

He added that she just wants “an opportunity to commit greater acts [of] voter fraud around the country.”

The former secretary of state also attacked Perry for passing laws that she says made it more difficult for minorities to vote in Texas, such as requiring voters to show an ID in order to vote.

“When I got on the airline to come up here yesterday I had to show my photo ID. Now, Hillary Clinton may not have had to show a photo ID to get onto an airplane in a long time,” Perry said on Fox News on Friday.

“The people of the state of Texas is who she’s taking on. Because that was a law that was passed by the people of the state of Texas. She just went into my home state and dissed every person who supports having an identification to either get onto an airplane or to vote,” Perry explained.

The Texas Republican also said that “when you look across the state of Texas and you see what [we’ve] done in that state to really empower minorities — as a matter of fact, the highest high school graduation rate for African-Americans in America is in the state of Texas,” he said.

“The highest Hispanic graduation rate is in Texas. Those are empowerments … and they want to be protected when they get on an airplane as well,” he added.

Hillary needs to be sure she has the correct information before she starts lying again. People have not forgotten Benghazi where she lied to the families  of the people killed and she lied about a video being responsible for the attack.


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