Billionaire Environmentalist Pushes New Oil Tax in California

In an effort to combat high gasoline prices in California, billionaire environmentalist activist Tom Steyer is pushing for a state ballot measure to pass an oil severance tax.

Steyer, founder of NextGen Climate (is this for free money called tax deduction), announced support for the potential ballot measure earlier this month at the California Democratic Party convention.

“I want to understand why Californians are paying up to $1 billion more to oil companies per month for gasoline prices than anywhere else in the country,” Steyer said. (That is a dumb question – the California State Democratic politicians tax themselves and then ask – why do we pay more – isn’t that a typical DUH question?)

California has the highest gasoline prices in the nation, where a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.739, a dollar more than the national average.  (That is what GOING GREEN means Mr. Steyer.  The more green you go – the most you are taxed – isn’t that what you want.  You made all of your money on the backs of the people and now you are squealing like a stuck pig.)

According to the Los Angeles Times, one measure would impose a 10 percent oil extraction tax, while the other would “strengthen disclosure requirements for oil companies’ management of gasoline supplies and prices.”

In a letter to the California lawmakers, Steyer, along with Jamie Court—president of Consumer Watchdog—blamed the oil industry for a lack of transparency over prices and inventory levels.

“The oil industry must answer for this half-billion dollar cost to Californians,” they wrote. “The market is rigged to the benefit of an oligopoly and the rules need to be changed to benefit consumers rather than the oil industry.”

Nick Loris, senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, believes that high costs of energy in California are directly related to state policy and taxes.

“The economic and regulatory environment in California is a big reason the costs of energy are so high in California,” Loris said. “If Californians want lower prices, they should urge their politicians not to implement higher taxes to fund their pet projects, especially since those projects tend to be economic disasters.”

In 2006, the California State Legislature passed the California Global Warming Solutions Act, requiring a statewide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This legislation created a cap-and-trade program, requiring oil refiners to purchase pollution credits from the state.

Tupper Hull, spokesman for the Western States Petroleum Association, believes that an emphasis on market-based programs will provide the lowest costs to the consumer.

“We have an opportunity to have a conversation about state regulations,” Hull told The Daily Signal.

Hull argues that proponents of the tax contradict themselves when they call for lower energy prices but seek to increase the cost of raw materials through a severance tax.

“Simplifying and reducing the number of contradictory kinds of program would allow for a lower cost and more efficient means of complying with climate change initiatives,” Hull said.

This isn’t the first time California has considered an oil extraction severance tax.

In 2014, a bill authored by California state Sen. Noreen Evans would have established an oil and gas production tax. The bill failed to make it out of committee.

This guy Steyer,  is a typical Democrat – he doesn’t want to blame himself and the Democratic politicians for the high taxes and cost of living in California.  They continue to try blame the businesses and people for their problems.  California and New York have had an exodus of people due to the high taxes, lack of water even with all of the plants for water production in mothballs, and strict environmental laws presently in place.  GO GREEN is that what you say, Mr. Steyer.  Remember to play, you have to PAY!

Following is a list of all states and the gasoline tax for each state.  It should Steyer feel good that California taxes are 39.5.  So you can see they can’t very well tax the people any more so they are going to pick on the companies.

The first number for California is gasoline 39.5 c/gal; the second number is diesel  10 c/gal; and the third number is other taxes  1.4 c/gal.  Also, take a look at New York, Washington, Oregon and how high their taxes are – you talk about gouging the people – those politicians are really sticking it to the people.  Following are gasoline taxes for all states.

Alabama 16 19 3 “Other Taxes” include a 3 cpg UST fee for gasoline and diesel, 0-6 cent county/city/pj tax for gasoline that can vary by county/city

Alaska 8 8 0.0715 “Other Taxes” include a 0.0715 cpg Inspection fee

Arizona 18 26 1 “Other Taxes” include a 1 cpg UST tax.

Arkansas 21.5 22.5 0.3 Plus 0.3 cpg environmental assurance fee, this is assessed at the wholesale level for underground storage tank funds

California 39.5 10 1.4 “Other Taxes” include a 1.4 cpg state UST fee (gasoline and diesel), a 2.25% state sales tax for gasoline, a 9.67% state sales tax for diesel, gasoline and diesel rates are rate + local sales tax

Colorado 22 20.5 1.25 “Other Taxes” include a 1.250 cpg Environtmental Response Surcharge (gasoline and diesel)

Connecticut 25 54.9 8.814 “Other Taxes” is a 8.814% Gross Receipts tax applicable to gasoline only (or about 4 cpg)

Delaware 23 22 1.5472 “Other Taxes” is a wholesaler percentage fee. Additional .9% Gross Receipts tax for the State Hazardous Substance Cleanup Fund is also assessed at the wholesale level (1.5472%) after yearly exclusions are met. (Title 7: 9114)

Washington DC 23.5 23.5 0

Florida 28.3 31.3 5.52 Gas Tax rate can vary from 28.3-36.3 cpg depending on area, “Other Taxes” include 2.071 UST/Inspection fee (diesel) + 1.25 cpg state sales tax, 2.196 UST/Inspection fee (gasoline)

Georgia 7.5 7.5 0.5 The state excise tax is 7.5 cpg on (gas and diesel), additional 13.8 ppg state sales tax on diesel, 11.8 ppg state sales tax on gasoline. Gas and Diesel Tax rates are rate + local sales tax (varies by county and city, charged in PPG), “Other Taxes” include a 0.75 cpg UST (gasoline and diesel)

Hawaii 17 17 0.1191 “Other Taxes” include 0.1191 Inspection fee (gasoline and diesel), 0.1 cpg environmental response tax, 4% sale tax on diesel + local fees, and county taxes can range between .088 to .18

Idaho 25 25 1 “Other Taxes” include a 1 cpg UST

Illinois 19 21.5 7.35 “Other Taxes” include a 6.25% local sales tax (local sales tax can vary between 6.25-10.5%, or higher) and a 1.1 cpg UST. The sales tax calculated off the retail price less federal and state excise taxes

Indiana 18 16 8 “Other Taxes” include a 7% sales tax and a 1 cpg UST (gasoline and diesel), pre-paid sales tax on gaoline is 16.8 cpg

Iowa 21 22.5 1 “Other Taxes” include 1 cpg UST fee

Kansas 24 26 1.03 “Other Taxes” columns include 1 cpg environmental assurance fee, 0.03 cpg inspection fee

Kentucky 29.4 26.4 1.4 “Other Taxes” include 1.4 cpg fee collected for the Underground Storage Tank Fund.

Louisiana 20 20 0.925 “Other Taxes” include a 0.925 UST/Inspection/Miscellaneous fee

Maine 30 31.2 1.5082 “Other Taxes” include fees for a Groundwater Oil Clean-up Fund, Costal/ Inland Surface Oil Cleanup fee, and Market Share Act fee.

Maryland 27 27.75 0.1369 “Other Taxes” include a 0.1369 UST/Inspection/Miscellaneous fee

Massachusetts 24 24 2.6191 “Other Taxes” include 2.6191 cpg UST/Spill Clean Up/Inspection fund tax

Michigan 19 15 6 “Other Taxes” 0.875 cpg for environmental regulation fee, Diesel Tax rate is rate + 6% local sales tax. Prepaid rate on gasoline is 17.4 cpg, prepaid rate for diesel is 21.4 cpg

Minnesota 28.6 28.5 1.9 “Other Taxes” includes a 1.9 cpg UST/Inspection/Miscellaneous fee

Mississippi 18 18 0 Additional 3 cpg Seawall tax in Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties (gasoline only)

Missouri 17 17 0.3 “Other Taxes” include a few additional fees on all fuel sales – agriculture inspection fee (.0005 per gallon) and transport load fee (.0025 per gallon) – 0.3 cpg

Montana 27 27.75 0.75 “Other Taxes” include a 0.75-cpg fee toward the state cleanup fund

Nebraska 26.4 26.4 0.9 “Other Taxes” include a 0.9 cpg Release Prevention fee for gasoline, and a 0.3 cpg Release Prevention fee for diesel

Nevada 24 27 0.8 “Other Taxes” include a 4-9 cent County Option Tax (varies in Washoe county, 20.10968 sales tax for gasoline,16.58082 sales tax for diesel), 0.75 cpg cleanup fee, and .055 cpg inspection fee (gasoline only). Clark county has implemented an index rate of 3.24715 cpg

New Hampshire 18 18 1.625 “Other Taxes” include 0.125 cpg for Oil Pollution Control fund, and 1.5 cpg Oil Discharge Fee

New Jersey 14.5 17.5 4.055 “Other Taxes” include 4 cpg Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax (included in Diesel Tax rate) and 0.055 cpg “first time purchaser” fee

New Mexico 17 21 1.875 “Other Taxes” include a 1.875 cpg load fee

North Carolina 37.5 37.5 0.25 “Other Taxes” include a 0.25 cpg inspection tax

New York 42.4 24.65 0.35 Gasoline and Diesel Tax rates also include a 8-8.75 cpg state sales tax + 4% local sale tax rate (most areas), “Other Tax” include a 0.05 cpg Petroleum Test Fee (gas only)and a 0.30 cpg spill fee, State excise tax is 8 cpg on gasoline and diesel, Petroleum Business Tax 17.8 cpg gas only and 16.05 cpg diesel ((article 13A))

North Dakota 23 23 0.025 “Other Taxes” include a 0.025 cpg UST/Inspection/Miscellaneous fee

Ohio 28 28 0

Oklahoma 16 13 1 “Other Taxes” include a 1 cpg UST fee

Oregon 30 30 0.0667 “Other Taxes” include a 0.0667 cpg load fee (equates to about $6.00 per load). For diesel, IFTA carrier there is a 16.38 cents per weight mile tax for gross of 80000lbs, this is in lieu of 30 cpg.

Pennsylvania 40.7 51 1.1 “Other Taxes” include a 1.1 cpg UST (gasoline only)

Rhode Island 32 32 1.12 “Other Taxes” includes a 1.12 cpg environmental protection fee

South Carolina 16 16 0.75 “Other Taxes” includes a 0.25 cpg inspection fee and 0.50- pg environmental fee (UST cleanup)

South Dakota 22 22 2 “Other Taxes” include a 2 cpg Tank Inspection fee

Tennessee 20 17 1.4 “Other Taxes” include a 1-cent special tax for gasoline, and a 0.4 cpg environmental assurance fee

Texas 20 20 0.1375 “Other Taxes” include a 0.1375 cpg load fee (based on per 8000 gallons, generally equates to $11.00 per 8000-10000 gallon load)

Utah 24.5 24.5 0.5 “Other Taxes” include a 0.5 cpg UST/Inspection/Miscellaneous fee

Vermont 24.9 30 1 “Other Taxes” include a 1 cpg license fee for UST fund, 0.182 cpg State Tax, Motor Fuel Tax Assessment fee of 6.07 cpg, and 0.0636 cpg transportation infrastructure assessment fee on gasoline. Additional 1 cent clean up fee for diesel rate.

Virginia 11.1 20.2 0.6 “Other Taxes” include a 0.6 cpg petroleum storage tank fee (UST). There is an additional 2.1% sales tax on motor fuels for localities that are part of the Northern Virginia Transportation District

Washington 37.5 37.5 0.096 “Other Taxes” include a 7/10’s percent (0.0007 cpg) HASMAT fee, 0.0953 cpg Oil Spill Administration Fee

West Virginia 35.7 35.7 0 12.9 cpg included in state sales excise tax, these rates are 15.2 cpg variable rate plus 20.5 cpg state tax

Wisconsin 32.9 30.9 2 “Other Taxes” include a 2 cpg UST fee (gasoline and diesel) that is included in the tax rates

Wyoming 23 23 1 “Other Taxes” include a 1 cpg UST fee (cleanup fund for gasoline and diesel) that is included in the tax rates

Please note the above rates are meant as only guidelines of pump taxes and may not represent the full tax amount at the pump.

Source: Compiled by GasBuddy from various sources.
“Consumers working together to save on gas”





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