Your country is in trouble and the people did it to themselves – why?   Now, we are going to have to take some drastic measures to turn the ship around.  For what reason did the people vote for Obama?  We have to give  him credit where credit is due – his upbeat and unifying message created a cult of personality with an emphasis long on lofty themes pointing to the future and short on content.  Obama did not live the socialist milieu but was raised and mentored by people who did experience it.  So here we are in a mell of a hess! We are stuck in a progressive quagmire and nothing is working!  So who wants to help?

The America you love is in trouble.

The freedom you enjoy — the freedom protected by the American Founding — faces two dire threats.These threats are already entrenched in Washington and quickly spreading their poison to the rest of the country.

The Progressive movement is an ideological enemy of America’s Founders.

Under progressive domination you’ve seen Washington bureaucrats take over your health care . . . increase your taxes . . . unleash the IRS on conservatives . . . irresponsibly gut our national defense . . . funnel money into higher education to indoctrinate students with leftist ideas. . . and steal your children and grandchildren’s future through an explosion of national debt.

And the Washington Establishment — of both parties — is a political insult to our Founders.

Too many of the entrenched leadership in Washington use government for their own power and privilege rather than to serve the American people. Powerful special interests groups latch themselves onto lawmakers, bribing them to perpetuate even more spending. This is the essence of corrupt Establishment cronyism.

There is a solution.

I invite you to join a crucial push to reclaim America on behalf of our founding principles.

Please take a look at our Reclaim America plan. It lays out our strategy to beat the progressives and the Establishment and to return the government in Washington to your principles.

I believe you’ll be inspired, filled with hope, and fortified with resolve from knowing how America can be reclaimed for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Thank you for being an exceptional, patriotic American, and a good friend of freedom.

I look forward to what you and I will do together.

You can help confront the greatest challenge of our time

Your freedom is slipping away as Washington’s power grows.

Washington is taking over your healthcare. . . encouraging illegal immigration. . . raising your taxes. . . burying your family in national debt. . . eroding your religious freedom and marriage . . . and coddling dictators while gutting our national defense.

We cannot continue along this path. At times of crisis, Americans like you—Americans with vision and courage—have stepped forward to reclaim freedom. The American Revolution was called by its soldiers “the glorious cause.” Now you have an opportunity to stand up for the same principles that have made America great.

You can reclaim our nation from the forces of progressivism and radical liberalism — but only if freedom has a formidable champion. Heritage is that formidable champion that conservatives need — and you have the power to fuel a historic rebirth of freedom.

This is your chance to Reclaim America for the next generation

The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America are launching Reclaim America, a revolutionary campaign unprecedented by any policy organization. Reclaim America will enable you and your fellow Americans to rapidly restore the constitutional rule of “We the People.”

When you act today to Reclaim America, you will build a future based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

The goal is simple. The plan is sophisticated. The outcome will be resounding. Fueled by your support, Reclaim America will drastically reduce Washington’s power and restore your conservative principles.

Here’s how it will work:

Reclaim America is built on four key strategies to take back the country from liberal policies and Washington bureaucrats. Here’s what your support will help accomplish:

1.Give lawmakers, candidates, and the American people conservative policy solutions
Facts, logic, and arguments are critical to win policy debates and defeat the Left. Your contribution today will help our 100-plus policy experts offer America, Congress, and other branches of government the bold conservative policies to reclaim America’s economy, culture, national security, the Constitution, and the rule of law.
2.Win more Americans to the conservative cause
Conservatives can only prevail over the long term when the American people stand with us. The Heritage team is perfectly placed to communicate winning conservative idea to broader audiences.
3.Recruit a grassroots army to keep Washington accountable
Through Reclaim America, The Heritage Foundation’s sister organization, Heritage Action for America, will be able to strengthen its nationwide grassroots network to hold Washington accountable for their votes and force conservative leaders to fight back against the Washington Establishment and special interests. Heritage Action already boasts 11,000 elite Sentinel activists in key congressional districts nationwide—and they’re already winning victories on behalf of your principles.
4.Lead the nation when politicians can’t or won’t
The Heritage Foundation will provide the forward-looking leadership that America desperately needs. The new Heritage Foundation Freedom Center on Capitol Hill will intensify our conservative influence in Washington. And we are actively grooming the next generation of conservative leaders through our Young Leaders internship program.

Following are some remarks:

Steve Forbes“Reclaim America is a way to turn this country around. Heritage has a long-term record of showing how things can be done. They’ve broken new ground decades ago. And they’re trying to break new ground again today.”

—Steve Forbes

Ted Cruz“Far too long voices in Washington have been timid. And I very much agree with Ronald Reagan who said, ‘The path to victory and also the path to turning our country around, is painting in bold colors, not pale pastels.’ Reclaim America is providing Heritage the fuel to defend liberty, the Constitution, and to reignite the miracle of America.”

—Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Scott Walker“Reclaim America is not just about good solid research about what we should be, but the whole package, and the communications and the advocacy effort to make sure that it’s more than just big ideas.”

—Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)

Join the cause—help Reclaim America today

Enlist in today’s “glorious cause” of restoring our freedom. Today is your opportunity to restore our freedom—future generations will look back to you with the deepest gratitude for their restored liberty.

Two true patriots and extremely generous Heritage donors, who wish to remain anonymous, have come forward with a $20,000,000 matching gift challenge to support key elements of our expansion. This means you have before you a remarkable opportunity to join them in doubling your investment in Reclaim America.

If you are interested in helping to restore America, click on:






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