About the Whiner / Complainer Personality Subself!

Do you know someone who constantly complains and whines? Would others say you do that? Chronic whiners focus on how bad and/or unfair things are. To avoid scary self-responsibility, they insist “It’s not my fault!” and/or “I can’t help it!”, and make endless excuses for not asserting their needs and boundaries.

People who whine and complain excessively are often controlled by a personality subself that believes these behaviors protect the Shamed, Guilty, Scared, and/or other Inner Kids from painful risk, failure, scorn, and overwhelm. The Whiner / Complainer distrusts the resident true Self (ca-pital “S”) and other Manager subselves to protect these Inner Kids.

This earnest subself often teams up with other well-meaning Guardian-parts like the Cynic/Pessimist, the Catastrophizer, the Entitled One, the Victim / Martyr, and/or the Worrier subselves to cause gloomy, pessimis-tic thoughts and feelings. If other people suggest solutions to the com-plaints, this subself quickly replies “Yes, but (that won’t work because…)” to avoid responsibility for asserting primary needs.

It is a must to identify and harmonize personality subselves under the expert leadership of the wise true Self and other Managers. As this happens, excessive whining and complaining shifts toward self-responsibility and effective assertion and problem-solving.

If you stop complaining and whining,  you stop getting stuff!  What is your opinion about the speech?  As the world stands today, is this whining justified?  The President is black, the Attorney General is Black, and 18% of the workforce is b lack.  Checkout the sports arena – basketball and football.  The movie and music world!  Enough will never be enough!

The part that makes me wonder and Michelle won’t admit is that her own Democratic Party is keeping blacks on the Democratic plantation and blacks have a hard time understanding this.  You would think after this period of time that black people would realize that the Democrats have been in charge for six years and the economy and jobs for blacks have declined since they have been in power.  Why would you continue walking down that same long road – wouldn’t you at least have enough sense to try something else?



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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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