How and who makes the decision as to who gets droned?

Our leader used a drone to kill terrorists in a foreign country which also killed two American citizens.  If they knew the bad guys were there did they not know they keep prisoners with them for safety purposes?  It seems the leader did not know the citizens were in that spot.  So, my question is, why did they release five very, very bad terrorists from Guantanamo prison in exchange for Bergdahl and then turn around and kill terrorists and American citizens.  

The two just don’t add up.  The bad part is that a ransom ($250,000) was paid by the relatives – which is against the law –  to the bad guys for the two American citizens, now they are dead.  If the leader wanted to kill terrorists why didn’t he just kill the five very important terrorists who he released.  He released them because the bad guys promised not to return to the battlefield at least for a year – what you want to bet – rumor has it –  they have returned to the battlefield.  These guys were the worst of the worst.

Is this a continuation of what Hillary said in her testimony to Congress “was there a protest or was it because some of this administration went out for a walk that night and they decided they would go and drone some terrorists?”

And, in the end, this administration’s attitude is, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


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