Glad to see the Catholic bureaucracy in the United States step up to the plate and make a statement about the ISIS killing Christians all over the world and that something must be done immediately.  What took them soooo long!  The United States has a coalition of many countries and what are they doing – absolutely nothing – nothing!  France, Germany, Great Britain, and the U.S.  – where is the coalition?

Frozen in time and controlled to do nothing while thousands of people are being killed every day.   Was this the original purpose? These countries and the UN will be held accountable and go down in history for this genocide!

Our leader is a man of “Peace.”  A piece of nothing at the moment!

The definition of a coalition is a pact or treaty among individuals or groups during which they cooperate in joint action.  Well, where is the action – are they afraid they might win?

We hear all of this progress ISIS is making each day in the main street news by our State Department and Pentagon and not one word about the progress the opposition is making.

What are they waiting  for – until all of the Christians are either killed or fall to their knees for Islam?  We know nothing will be done at the present time because you don’t kill your own –  so it looks like we will have to wait until 2016 when the new government is elected.

In fact, right now Jennifer from the State Department or Pentagon  is telling us they are ramping up security in the U.S. because of new ISIS threats.  It reminds me of a carnival  booth at the circus where you line up the ducks and just wait for the next shooter.   The spokespeople reporting sound like America is the enemy and the ISIS people are the victims. It sounds like each day they are building – building – building.   What a world we live in!


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