One of my biggest beefs growing up was people who always wanted to sweep things under the rug.  As I have said many, many times – sweeping things under the rug does not solve anything.  The reason people take this position is they think if you perform this task the problem will go away.  Sooner or later the problem is going to fester and that is what is happening with this picture.  There are some people who do not like to confront conflict because they do not have the skills for confrontation.  A good problem which has been in the mix for many years are  cartoons.  

We have Trump and  Bill Donahue saying, “you must not engage in the discussion.”  And what does this achieve?  What is so special about one cartoon that cannot apply to another?  The “veil” must be lifted on this topic. Why is their such a secrecy about what a religious figure looks like?  Why is it this discussion cannot be had?  So many questions and no answers?  Is it because it is made up?  Do they want it to remain a mystery – for what reason? The problem is that – no one really knows what the picture looks like since no one has ever seen it.   It needs to be sanitized and then everyone can quit worrying about an illusion.

There are pictures of Jesus, Buda, and on and on.  So what is wrong with knowing what the Muslim figurehead looks like?  Just think – all of this nonsense, people being killed over a cartoon which depicts what someone looks like –  and you are telling me we cannot have an open discussion on this topic.  Something is wrong with this picture!  Once and for all – why is it they don’t want people to know what this Muslim figurehead looks like?  Do they not know?

They can have whatever religion they want, “just don’t tread” on mine!  The Muslims are guests in this country and have to adjust according to the Constitution!  If they can’t, they know the “rest of the story.”  End of story!






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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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