Thug is a part of the English language and no one person owns it. We have allowed the PC police to limit our ability to express ourselves, and, therefore, it has created a barrier between the cultures. We must stop letting others put us in a box. Who are these people who can tell us we can only say certain words and others cannot – again, we have allowed it.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

A Thug is a thug……period, it isn’t the N-word as a city councilman in Baltimore claims it to be.   A thug is a single word that describes a persons action against its community, like looters, arsonists etc. etc. etc.   Here we go again……political correctness crap.

If you knock out a window intentionally, you are acting like a thug.   You loot, you are a thug.  Destroy property, THUG.   There are other words we could use, idiot, moron, social animal……on and on.

If you behave consistently in a manner of destruction, you are a THUG.

Don’t act offended when  you act offensively, it is what it is, and if you behave in a way that merits a one word description, you might be a THUG.

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