Just when you think you have seen it all?  Wonder how this will look on this person’s resume’  – STOMPING ON THE AMERICAN FLAG – when they go to apply for a job and the company conducts a background security check?  I bet any company will put her at the top of the list as the last person on the hire-ability form.  I know one list that she will be a hero – the ISIS’ list.  The other thing is – did she have a Michigan college sweat shirt on?  I bet they are proud of her.  This also reflects her parents’ upbringing which they undoubtedly did not have time and  forgot about patriotism and respect for themselves or others.  Congratulations to this group for lining up with the enemy.  Now let’s see when is your flight leaving America?


Since you are such principled people, tired of American hypocrisy, please return immediately any grants, loans or financial assistance you have received from this horrendous country. Live up to your words and do not benefit from this blood money . Please publish your home addresses so you may take in a few people who have experienced this discrimination that you are protesting. Share the wealth with the oppressed. Don’t just talk the talk-walk the walk. You have no problem walking on the Flag. Put up or shut up.

If poor little Erica doesn’t like our flag, she’s free to find one she likes and get out of our country.. Iraq-Syria might work for her, I understand Islamic State’s always in the market for Western Women who hate their native countries..

If this place is so bad, take yourself to anyplace that you think is better. I’ve been there and you will be very disappointed! I served in the military for 6 years so that you have the freedom to say and do things like this. I also served so that you have the freedom to GET THE HELL OUT!!

Just remember — every time you desecrate the flag in protest of minority discrimination, you are desecrating the minorities who willingly risked and even sacrificed their lives to ensure that privilege for you.

Don’t candy coat your manner of protest. Call it what it is — hatred and entitlement.

May 1, 2015 6:19 PM

Just when I think I’ve seen it all! There’s a new social-media challenge: stomp on the American flag. I kid you not.

The challenge is supposed to show support for a New Black Panther student who is being sought by the police. It’s being labeled the #EricSheppardChallenge, aimed at giving support to a Valdosta State University student who self-identifies as a “terrorist toward white people,” as WND previously reported.

You may not recognize the name Eric Sheppard, 22, but Rick Stacy and I told you about the incident when Sheppard first made national headlines after Michelle Manhart, a former United States Air Force Military instructor and Playboy Bunny, took a flag from a group of students who were demonstrating against racism by walking across an American flag. Manhart was not charged in the tussle after all. Police later recovered a backpack belonging to Sheppard containing a gun and two clips, and continue their search for him.

I refuse to post the video that started it all of a female student dropping the F-bomb and dancing on the American flag. Instead I ask you to join me and post your photos of the American flag #AmericanPride.

I came up with this bumper sticker years ago when I worked at K92FM because I was sick of hearing people say the American flag offended X-group for this or the other reason. This is America. This is our flag. Respect it. You always have another option if our country disgusts you so much…leave.




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