How knowledgeable are you about your country?  Why don’t you find out!

U.S. Citizenship Quiz

Get 15 or more correct to pass!
1. Who is considered to be the “Father of Our Country”?
0  George Washington
0  Alexander Hamilton
0  Thomas Jefferson
0  James Madison
0  Christopher Columbus

2. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
0  George Washington
0  Alexander Hamilton
0  Thomas Jefferson
0  James Madison
0  Christopher Columbus

3. What is the supreme law of the land?
0  The Executive Branch
0  The Constitution
0  The Honor System
0  The Bill of Rights
0  The Magna Carta

4. The notion of self-government is present in the first three words of the Constitution.   What are the three words?
0  United we stand…
O  Give me your…
0  We the people…
0  Congress shall make…
0  You have the…

5. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called…
0  Article One
0  The Bill of Rights
0  The Declaration of Independence
0  The Federalist Papers
0  The Preamble

6. How many amendments does the Constitution have in total?
0  1
0  10
0  27
0  50
0  142

7. What is one right or freedom NOT provided by the First Amendment?
0  speech
0  religion
0  assembly
0  pursuit of happiness
0  petition the government

8. How many U.S. senators are there and how long is a senator’s term?
0  50 senators; 2 years
0  50 senators; 6 years
0  100 senators; 2 years
0  100 senators; 6 years

9. Why do some states have more representatives than other states?
0  States with more people have more representatives
0  States with more land have more representatives
0  Each state has the same number of representatives
0  Each state’s number of representatives is random

10. What other position does the commander-in-chief of the military hold?
0  President
0  Vice President
0  Speaker of the House
0  Secretary of State
0  Secretary of Defense

11. If both the president and the vice president can no longer serve, who becomes   president?
0  Attorney General
0  House Majority Leader
0  Speaker of the House
0  Secretary of State
0  Secretary of Defense

12. Which of the following is not a branch of government?
0  Executive
0  Legislative
0  Financial
0  Judicial
0  None of the above

13. What stops any one branch of government from becoming too powerful?
0  Executive Orders
0  The United Nations
0  The National Security Agency
0  A system of checks and balances
O  Journalists and the national media

14. Under our Constitution, some powers belong to the federal government, and some powers belong to the states. Which is not a power of the federal government?
0  print money
0  provide driver’s licenses
0  declare war
0  create an army
0  make treaties

15. Who was president during World War I?
0  Woodrow Wilson
0  Lyndon B. Johnson
0  Richard Nixon
0  Franklin D. Roosevelt
0  George H.W. Bush

16. Who did the United States fight in World War II?
0  Germany
0  Japan
0  Italy
0  All of the above
0  None of the above

17. How old must a citizen be to vote for president?
0  16
0  17
0  18
0  21
0  25

18. What is the economic system in the United States?
0  Socialist
0  Communist
0  Capitalist
0  Mercantilist
0  Laissez-faire

19. Which state does not border Mexico?
0  California
0  Arizona
0  Nevada
0  New Mexico
O  Texas

20. Which of the following is NOT an American Indian tribe in the United States?
0  Cherokee
0  Sioux
0  Iroquois
0  Apache
0  Sabine

21. When is the last day you can send in federal income tax returns?
0  January 1
0  April 15
0  May 20
0  July 4
0  December 31

22. What is the political party of the current president?
0  Republican
0  Democrat

23. What is the capital of the United States?
0  Philadelphia, PA
0  Annapolis, MD
0  New York, NY
0  Washington, DC
0  Juneau, AK

24. What do the stripes on the American flag represent?
0  The number of signatures on the Declaration of Independence
0  The number of signatures on the Constitution
0  The original 10 colonies
0  The original 13 colonies
0  Nothing

25. Which of the following is not a federal holiday?
0  Memorial Day
0  Election Day
0  Independence Day
0  Labor Day
0  Veterans Day

Test results will be shown tomorrow!








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