WHOA! Baltimore Ravens Star Ray Lewis GOES OFF on Rioters in His City.

This is a man who has been down this same road but took the right direction and, folks, look at him now.  All of those rioters can achieve as Ray did – rioting is not going to do it.  You have to work and study like Ray did and you will have the same success.  So, stop and listen!

By Alexa Coombs


There is perhaps no one alive who is more revered in the city of Baltimore than retired Ravens star Ray Lewis – so when he speaks, people listen.

Yesterday he used his standing in the community and famous motivational skills to make an impassioned plea directly to the rioters who were looting and burning his city. A clearly emotional Lewis shouted and at times appeared choked up as he begged for the violence to stop:

No way. No way this can happen in our city. NO!

Young kids, you gotta understand something: Get off the streets. Violence is not the answer. Violence has never been the answer. Freddie Gray – We don’t do nothing for him doing this.

We know there’s a deeper issue. We know what the jungle looks like. But this isn’t it. There’s enough of us in the streets trying to change what’s going on. Baltimore, get off the streets. Kids, go home, stay home. You don’t have no right to do what you’re doing to this city. Too many hard-working people built this city. We put this city together. We put this city on our back.

We with you. We know what’s going on. We know the problems. We know there was wrong done. We know we are not getting the right justice. We know all these answers. But rioting in our streets is wrong! …

Good for Ray Lewis. He is a man of reason. Listen to him you destructive rioters, vandals, and looters. When things go wrong, you do not correct them by cutting your hands and feet off. Doing that would be pure lunacy. Wise up and listen to Ray Lewis.




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