April 27, 2015

British Man Arrested For Urinating In An Ice Machine At Hard Rock Hotel Orlando.

As the young folks say today, “GROSS.”  Well, it looks like Mr. Tourist met his “waterloo.”

A British tourist was arrested in the early hours of last Tuesday morning for allegedly urinating in an ice machine at the popular and family-friendly Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Another guest at the hotel apparently called a security guard because he or she saw (and no doubt heard) a very intoxicated man on the premises, and the security guard then allegedly caught the man in the act of urinating into an ice machine.

Andrew Wood, 41, who hails from Hampshire, England, would not at first cooperate with the security guard, refused to identify himself and then started shouting and generally making a commotion.

According to the Orlando Police Department, the security guard then called officers to the scene and on arrival they found Wood to be “extremely intoxicated, with the odor of alcohol emanating from him, and was having random outbursts”.

Following this, the British man was reportedly taken into custody for disorderly conduct, a part of which included urinating in an ice machine. Wood then apparently continued to rant and rave in a drunken fashion at the jail, according to the police.

Wood finally had to post a $1,000 bond and was released from the Orange County Jail later on Tuesday.

Urinating into an ice machine being not the most hygienic act, it can only be hoped that the machine was very thoroughly cleaned or replaced before guests needed to top up their drinks.

The tweet below points to a video that gives an idea of how you should behave at the Hard Rock Hotel, by leaving a pillow on the bed saying rather clearly, “Be Nice.”

Mind you, the idea seems to be doing the rounds, as the Inquisitr reports that a woman in India was caught in the act of urinating into a pot of tea she was about to serve to her in-laws.

The woman later admitted to having done this for years, as she disliked her husband’s relatives for interfering in her marriage.

People never cease to amaze me – as the saying goes, “whatever blows your skirt up!”


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